Index of Stellarium Scripts


Name Date Version Description
Titan Skies 10/24/2022 6.0 Script will display Jupiter events as viewed from Saturn's moon Titan like Greatest Elongations, Greatest Brilliancies, Start and Stop Retrograde, CoQuadratures, Superior and Inferior Conjunctions, Top & bottom of Zodiac, equator crossings, Conjunctions with bright stars and outer planets and more.
Dawn/dusk/sunrise/sunset jumps 10/22/2022 6.0 Run the script and whenever you switch to a new day (day, week, month & year) and it will automatically go right to the dawn/dusk/sunset/sunrise.
Star Quizzes 9/6/2022 1.0 How well do you know the stars. Test your knowledge with these quizzes.
Rise and Set Times* 03/30/2019 6.0 The script will display Rise, transit, set, up length times and Right Ascension from the sun for many various different bodies (Stars, planets, asteroids). This script will also display Civil Twilight, Nautical Twilight and Astronomical twilight times. Bonus Script, Sun Tilt,
Angle Measurement Tool 11/24/19 1.0 Displays elongation / angle measurement between two bodies
Earth From Other Bodies * 08/28/2022 12.0  Scripts showing what Earth will look like from other planets in the solar system.
Solar System Event Screen Saver 08/27/2022 320 Script does a slide show of various past, present and future events in the solar system such as notable oppositions, conjunctions, planet groupings, eclipses, transits, occultations, discoveries etc. 320 Events in all!
Mercury Triple Sunrises and Sunsets


3.0 Due to the quirks in Mercury's orbit and rotation at certain spots the sun will rise & set 3 different times in one Mercury day.

This script currently comes bundled with Stellarium
Tidally Locked Moon fix hack 1/02/2018 0.17.1 Not a script. Replacement for Stellarium's ssystem_major.ini file which fixes tidally locked moons.    
Phobos Phun 10/08/2017 5.0 Scripts of various happenings with Mars' largest Moon.

These scripts currently come bundled with Stellarium
Planet Ephemeris

3/27/2016 4.1 Script will go to the best time to view selected planet and give more ephemeris like RA and Dec from Sun, phase, rise, set, transit times, ring angle (Saturn only), magnitudes and earth shine and more!!
Planetary Events * 10/17/2014 2.5 Script will display the selected planet's events like Opposition, Closest Approach, Start and Stop Retrograde, Quadratures, CoQuadratures, Superior Conjunction, Aphelion, Perihelion, Nodes, Seasons, Top & bottom of Zodiac, Conjunctions with bright stars and more. Includes ephemeris like Phase, rise, set, transit times, magnitudes and earth shine and more!!
Retrograde Motion Demonstrator 3/22/2014 1.0 Demonstrates Retrograde Motions.
Conjunctions - Stars & Planets 6/23/2012 4.0 6 Scripts in all showing conjunctions between the planets and bright stars. The conjunction of stars include Aldebaran, Antares, The Beehive, The Pleiades, Regulus and Spica.
Greatest Elongations Venus and Mercury *  1/17/2011 3.0 Script displays Mercury and Venus' Greatest Elongations as seen from Earth. Includes Venus' Greatest Brilliancy dates.
Mars Closest Approaches 5/29/2010 1.0 Script displays Mars' closest approaches to Earth from 1561 to 3218. This is the last version of the script, In the future opposition and Events scripts will make this one obsolete 
4/12/2010 2.0 Scripts show oppositions of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

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* In the Stellarium Versions 0.11.4, 0.12.0 and 0.12.1 for Windows 64Bit there is a bug in the scripting engine that causes many of these scripts to run improperly.  The scripts below labeled with a * are partially effected, ones with ** are severely effected and un-runable. All scripts with screensaver modes are affected. See here for details. the bug has been fixed in 0.12.2