Greatest Elongations Venus and Mercury

Scripts will display Mercury and Venus' Greatest Elongations as seen from Earth. Includes Venus' Greatest Brilliancy dates.

These scripts will be obsolete once Mercury is added to the events scripts. As such no new versions will be updated.

1) Mercury - Greatest Elongations.ssc

2) Venus - Greatest Elongations.ssc

Current Version 3.0        

Date: 1/17/2011

Stellarium 10.6

New in version 3.0

1) Greatest Brilliancies for Venus
2) Screen Saver Mode
3) Rise and Set times
4) Elongation, magnitude, ride high/runs low and phase angle calculations
5) More Menu choices
6) Direct calculations for display times


Previous Versions

Version 2.0 Stellarium 10.5 Download
Version 1.0 Stellarium 9 Download Venus Greatest Elongations only