Conjunctions - Stars and Planets

6 Scripts in all showing conjunctions between the planets and bright stars. The conjunction of stars include Aldebaran, Antares, The Beehive, The Pleiades, Regulus and Spica.

Current Version: 4.0

Date: 6/23/2012

Made on Stellarium 11.3

New in Version 4

* Direct calculation on viewing times
* Accurate Latitude determination
* Displays Rise & Set times and Elongation from sun




Previous Versions
Version 2.0 Stellarium 10.5 Download Version 2 was never released, Before I finished I went in a whole new direction. Programs may be buggy. Contains obsolete commands that won't work in newer versions of Stellarium. No FAQ
Version 1.0 Stellarium 9 Download No FAQ. Needs work