Rise and Set Times


The script will display Rise, transit, set, up length times and Right Ascension from the sun for 45 different bodies (Stars, planets, asteroids). This script will also display Civil Twilight, Nautical Twilight and Astronomical twilight times.

Current Version: 6.0

Date: 3/30/2019

Made on Stellarium 0.19.0


New in Version 6.0

* Updated to work with Stellarium version 0.19.0.

There was a script command (core.getObjectPosition) phased out. This version is updated using the current command (core.getObjectInfo)


New in Version 5.0

* Updated to work accurately with Stellarium Versions 0.12.0 & 0.12.1

Note: Stellarium version 0.12.0 & 0.12.1 changed the way scripts calculate dates. This one will correct those bugs & update to the changes and work right with Stellarium 0.12.0 & 0.12.1. If you are using a previous version of Stellarium download on on the previous versions of this script below.

New in Version 4.1

* Fixed Column location bug
* Use fuller named script

Note: Version 4.1 uses new script commands that were not available before Stellarium version 11.4, if you are using a Stellarium version prior to 11.4, version 4.1 of this script will not work so download one of the previous versions below instead

New in Version 4.0

* Obtains latitude & longitude accurately
* Displays what Constellation Sun & Planets are in
* Can change latitude & longitude while running the script

 New in Version 3.0

* Calculates latitude more accurately
* Can change latitude while running the script
* Font to White color

New in Version 2.0

* Removed some stars to make room for extra GUI info added in Stellarium Version 11

Download Version 7.0


Previous Versions
Version  6.0 Stellarium 0.19.0 Download Works with Stellarium 0.19.0 to 0.22.3
Version 5.0 Stellarium 0.12.0 Download  
Version 4.1 Stellarium 0.11.4 Download Works with Stellarium 0.11.4
Version 3.0 Stellarium 0.11.3 Download Works with Stellarium versions 0.11.3 and earlier.
Estimates latitude & longitude.
Version 2.0 Stellarium 0.11.1 Download  
Version 1.1 Stellarium 0.10.6 Download Added Zodiac Abbreviations