Planetary Events 

Script will display the selected planet's events like Opposition, Closest Approach, Start and Stop Retrograde,  Quadratures, CoQuadratures, Superior Conjunction, Aphelion, Perihelions, Seasons, Top & bottom of Zodiac, Ring tilts and more. Includes ephemeris like Phase, rise, set, transit times, magnitudes and earth shine and more!!


Current Version: 2.5  

Stellarium 0.13.0

 Date: 10/17/2014


New in Version 2.5

* Reduced File size and memory requirements
* Fixed Mercury Menu bug
* Fixed Venus Menu bug
* Added more Deneb Algedi conjunctions to Mars script


New in version 2.4
* Added Moon Conjunctions

New in version 2.3
* Added Neptune Events Script
* Added more star conjunctions to Uranus & Jupiter Scripts

New in version 2.2

* Added Uranus Events Script (Includes the Rings!)

New in version 2.1
* Added Mercury Events scripts
* Divided Mars & Venus Scripts in small, medium, large files (See Faq)
* Added more Menu choices in Venus script
* Added more Menu choices in Mars script
* Added Farthest Distances, Greatest & Dimmest Brilliancies, Brilliancy milestones to Mars Script
* Added Venus Conjunctions to Mars script - Somehow they were inadvertently left out

New in version 2.0

* Added Saturn events
* Added Venus dimmest brilliancies
* Scripts Determine Latitude and Longitude accurately
* Determines best viewing time nearest to event from observer location
* User can change Latitude and Longitude while running script
* Added light travel times
* Added more star conjunctions

Note: Version 2 uses a command not found in previous Stellarium versions, it will only work with Version 0.12.3 and greater. If you are using an earlier version of Stellarium download version 1 below

Previous Versions


Version 1 Stellarium 12.0 Download