Solar System Event Screen Saver

Script does a slide show of various past, present and future events in the solar system such as notable oppositions, conjunctions, planet groupings, eclipses, transits, occultations, etc. 320 Events in all!!!! I am constantly adding more so check back often.

New in Version 320

Updated to work with Stellarium 0.22.2.


New in Version 300

Updated to work with Stellarium 0.16.1's asteroid name changes and inconsistent moon longitudes. Version 300 will only work with Stellarium 0.16.1, if you are using a previously version of Stellarium download an older version of the script below. Version 300 will work with the default ssystem_major.ini file that comes with Stellarium or my fixed version.   

New in Version 287

Ceres & other asteroids and outer dwarf planets are now more accurate in Stellarium and have slightly shifted position since previous. The events that include those bodies are updated.   

 New in Version 261

Many of the fixes in 248 turned out worse in Stellarium 0.14.1 but this version should work right.

Text moved from top to bottom. There's too much "junk" up top that the words in the text often got hidden behind, at the bottom there's more free space.

Events are in chronological order in ssc file


New in Version 248

Note" This script comes bundled with Stellarium 0.14.0, so if you have 0.14.0 or greater than you already have it! 

There was a bug in Stellarium, the Longitudes were placed wrongly on many of the planet's moon. This was fixed in Stellarium 0.14.0 and updated in version 248 of this script.

 If you are using a version of Stellarium prior to 0.14.0, download 232 or one of the other's available below.

    Version 232 uses a command not found in previous Stellarium versions, it will only work with Version 0.12.2 and greater

Version 187 of this script came bundled with Stellarium 0.12.4, Version 232 adds 45 more events. Download it and overwrite the current script in the script folder.

Version 177 of this script came bundled with Stellarium 0.12.2 but it doesn't work right. Version 232 will work. Download it and overwrite the current script in the script folder.

In Stellarium version 0.12.0 & 0.12.1 changed the way scripts calculate dates and Jupiter's rotation, so the one that comes bundled with those don't work right and are buggy. Version 177 will correct those bugs & update to the changes and work right with Stellarium 0.12.0 & 0.12.1. So if you are using 0.12.0 or 0.12.1 download it below.

So when you download this script, replace the current one that comes with Stellarium.

If you are using version 0.11.4 or earlier and need this script download version 171 or earlier below or if you want to use version 232 you can remove the command in the script file that only works with 0.12.2. See FAQ in version 232.

Version 232 was also updated to improve the way the text for the events are shown for different screen resolutions.


Current Version: 320

Date: 08/27/2022

Made on Stellarium 0.22.2

Download Version 320

Previous Versions

Version 300 Stellarium 0.16.1 Download  
Version 287 Stellarium 0.15.1 Download  
Version 261 Stellarium 0.14.1 Download  
Version 248 Stellarium 0.14.0 Download Download only if you never updated your ssystem.ini file since Stellarium 0.9
Version 232 Stellarium 0.12.2 Download  
Version 177 Stellarium 0.12.0 Download  
Version 171 Stellarium 0.11.1 Download  
Version 129 Stellarium 0.10.6 Download