Bug in Stellarium 0.11.4 Windows 64 bit script engine

In the current Stellarium Version (0.11.4) for Windows 64Bit there is a bug in the scripting engine that causes many of these scripts to run improperly. This bug is not in the 32bit version, that one works fine.

The bug is with the core.wait() function. It doesn't do integers.

If you put a value under 1 second, it will round up to 1

For instance, if your line is core.wait(0.25);

The script will wait a full 1 second instead of a quarter of a second. No matter what decimal you put in, it will wait 1 second

This effects my scripts in one or more of the following four ways

1) Scripts with screensaver modes.

In screensaver modes because of the bug the wait time between events is extended by 4x. The general default time is 3 or 4 seconds, but because of the bug it is now 12 or 16 seconds. The reason is every second is broken in to four ¼ second pauses, which now means every second is broken into four 1 second pauses.

There is a way around this is

A. Open the script file in notepad or equivalent

B. The first line after the title will be something like this

spd = 3; // speed for screen saver mode in seconds

C. Replace the 3 with a 1

D. Save the file

E. Run script and the delay between events will be a reasonable 4 seconds

2) Scripts with Menus

Moving the arrow up & down between choices with the arrow keys now becomes painfully slow.

3) Scripts that estimate the longitude at the start

This should take about 1-3 seconds, but now its again painfully slow

 The bug was reported to the team at Stellarium



Hopefully it will be fixed by the next revision, if not I will work on a work around