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 It's not that I don't like to hear from you, please feel free to E-Mail me on anything you wish. I am more then happy to answer any questions on the Adirondacks. But here are some Questions and letters I received as well as other miscellaneous basic information.

Note: If you E-mail me and I put your Question here, Don't worry I Won't put your E-mail Address. E-mail letters may have been edited for relevance.

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Adirondacks 101 (Basic Info)

Adirondacks vs Appalachians

Beginners Advice For The High Peaks


I Need a Mountain to climb!!!

Marcy Dam, (The Adirondac Loj vs South Meadow)

Mt. Marcy (The Best way to get there)

Mt. Marcy (Viewing from Interstate 87)

Mountains Better than Marcy

Moose (finding & Viewing)

1955 Standard Maps vs  1978 Metric Maps


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