I've been up to the high peaks several times in the spring and winter but never in July. I was thinking of climbing either Algonquin or Dix over the July 4th weekend. Is it just a bad idea to go in July because of the black flies? What should I be prepared with?

The Blackflies are usually gone by the 4th of July and this spring the NY DEC poured some kind of chemical in the rivers of the high peaks to kill the blackfly larva. It seemed to work, the blackflies haven't been to bad this year. What side effect will happen is unknown at this time. So far It has been very hot and dry here this spring and Summer so all the other annoying bugs will still be out in force. So bring your repellent.

More Annoying than the bugs, expect Huge crowds. Especially it being a holiday weekend. If you do Dix take the round pond trail (on rt. 73), The Elk Lake trail will most likely be full and closed by 7:30am.

Algonquin will be the same (though there is more parking) so get there early!