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You mentioned in your 3 day hike up/down Marcy that you could think of numerous other better peaks. I plan to come up this summer, it will be on a weekend and was planning on going up Marcy. I don't mind too much of a crowd as I hike alone and the presence of others is often reassuring.

What are the other peaks you recommend and why?

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While I agree when hiking alone it is sometimes good to know there are other people out there, But with Marcy and most of the High Peaks are way to crowded that much of the Wilderness experience is lost. It can be like hiking in an outdoor mall. Marcy does have one of the best views anywhere due to it's location and height.

But if the world was ending I would probably climb these mountains before I would do Marcy.

Gothics/Hurricane - Though each very crowded, They have the 2 best views in the Adirondacks

Big Slide - My 2nd favorite high peak because of the great trail, though I doubt most people would put it ahead of Marcy

Rocky Peak Ridge - This is the local favorite, most people quit after bald peak so it is not as crowded, plus it has the best views of any mountain of Lake Champlain and spectacular trails to get there.

Wright Peak - Because the summit is less crowded. I have done this peak 3 times and all times I was alone. It has basically the same great view as Algonquin. Most people go on to Algonquin so they don't stay long. If you start later and do just this one you will have the summit to yourself.

Pitchoff - Great trail & views, the most fun mountain to climb

East Dix - Easy path, lots of swimming holes and a fun slide

St. Regis - I just love this Mountain. It is in the middle of nowhere and has great views in which you can see forever with no man made objects in sight and is not to crowded.

Pharaoh Mt. - Less than half the height of Marcy but it has a view just as good. Crane Pond at the trailhead is very crowded but the top of the mountain is not to bad

Because of their spectator views and total desertedness I would say Lost pond peak, Knob Lock, Jay Peak, Saddleback (Jay Range), Chase Mt., Nippletop (the other one not the high peak). They are all hard bushwhacks so I wouldn't recommend them to someone hiking alone

Crane Mt. - Personally I wouldn't put it ahead of Marcy but some people (Including Barbara Mcmartain the Author of the "Discover The Adirondacks" guide books) swear that this is the best mountain in the Adirondacks

Basin/Saddleback/Haystack/Skylight/Dix/Alqonquin I would say are equal to Marcy but unfortunately just as crowded.

Hopefully I will find more

Anyhow Thank you I am glad you liked my site


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