Mt. Marcy from the Northway


Hi! I was wondering if you can see Mt. Marcy from 87?. Is it that big mountain off to the side between exit 30 & 31, Can you see it from the rest area?


No, you are probably looking at Giant Mt. Giant and Rocky Peak next to it are blocking out the views of Marcy and many other High Peaks.

The Only place to see Marcy from the Northway is way up North coming South between exit 40 and 39 (Chazy & Plattsburgh). Mt. Marcy and many of the High Peaks are visible. They are very far away and look very small from here.( Mt. Marcy is about 49 miles away as the crow flies). They are jumbled so if you don't know them it would be hard to pick out Marcy. And don't confuse it with Whiteface Mt. which is the biggest looking Mountain (It's about 19 miles closer), Marcy is in the jumble of peaks to it's Left. Marcy comes into good view as you approach exit 39, Right as you see the sign that Says EXIT 39 West and has an arrow pointing down to the start of the exit ramp, look straight ahead at the Bridge crossing 87, you will see 2 Mountains directly above the bridge close together (The other Mountains have disappeared behind the trees, so they are the only 2 Mountains left in view), The one to the left is Mt. Marcy, The other one to the Right is NY's second highest mountain Algonquin Peak. As you approach the bridge both Mountains sink below the trees on the Horizon and can't be seen again from 87.

Marcy is buried deep in the woods. The only other roads that you can get a ground level view of Marcy is on rt. 73 from Adirondac Loj rd to Lake Placid and on Rt. 28N near Newcomb. From both vantages it is far away (closer than the 87 view) and not easily photographed.

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