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I get a ton of E-mail asking me on the Best and most spectacular way to get to Mt. Marcy.

I could probably name at least a dozen peaks that are better, but everybody wants to climb #1

So here it is. I broke the trip into 3 days, you might be able to make it in one or two so use this as you see fit.

You should have the guidebook for this, I am just giving an overview I am not going to give to many trail details.


The Three Days you hike I would suggest you hike during the weekdays. Being close to NYC, Albany, Montreal it can get crowded on weekends and you have a better chance of getting a Lean-to or a good camping spot during a weekday.

Mt. Marcy uneventful? you have been misinformed.

Here is my suggestion for Outta Towners.......

I took some friends of mine from Tennessee on this trip and they were blown away.

Note: * Don't Worry The trails in the Adirondacks are well worn and very easy to follow, This trip I am suggesting it will be very hard to get lost.

Day 1

Start at Marcy Dam

Do not head toward Mt. Marcy but head towards Avalanche Lake/pass (there are signs on the trail), then to Lake Colden, follow Lake Colden and when you get passed the Lake you get to an intersection (With A sign pointing left (east) to Mt. Marcy). Go left (east) for a little bit to a bridge over the River, cross it and head back West to camping spots & lean-tos. This is the area you will camp the night at.

Avalanche Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the world, even if you don't climb Marcy this is a worthy destination in it's self.

Avalanche Lake

Day 2.

Leave your packs at the campsite. Don't worry no one will steal them, You are to far away and it would be to hard for a thief to carry anything away.

If you are kind of tried from Day one or you sleep a little late. Head back to Lake Colden and Climb Mt. Colden (Mt. Colden has great views, you won't be disappointed)

If not, go back to the bridge and cross it and head towards Mt. Marcy. You will reach a trail intersection called Four Corners. Again if you are somewhat tried climb Mt. Skylight. If not go for Mt. Marcy or Both.

The Summits of Skylight, Marcy & Colden are well above the tree line and offer spectacular views. If you are here on a weekend and don't like crowds, consider Skylight there will be less people.

Day Three

Head Home. If you don't want to go through Avalanche pass again, head up the Marcy trail and take the Lake Arnold trail back to Marcy Dam

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