Email Question

By the way, is it true about that little town (I can't remember the name of it) being

corrupted? If it is I'd like to stay as far away from it as possible. We simply don't need any

trouble. Could you resend the name of it please as well as any additional info you may have on it.

Thanks so much for all you've done.


 The towns' name is Wilton. I cannot emphasis enough to Stay Away. However for the most part unless you have relatives there, there is no reason to go there. It's out there in the middle of nowhere with nothing to see there. Unfortunately you must pass through it to get to and from the Adirondacks on I-87. Sitting between Big Cities (NYC & Albany) and the tourist attraction the Adirondacks this nothing town basis it's whole economy on giving traffic tickets to tourist. It is the ultimate Parasite Town.

 Ask any Lawyer North of Albany and they will tell you they get a lot of business because of this Town. For a small town they have one of the most beautiful Courthouses in upstate NY and they have 2 D.A.'s whose only job is to prosecute speeding tickets. How do you think a small town like this can pay for that? Easy by harassing tourist.

 Like I said on my speedtrap section, get in the right lane and don't go over 65 through this town and Do Not Stop here. It's between exit 14 and 16 so make sure you get gas & food before you get here.

A Horror Story to show I am not kidding

  My friends from Washington D.C. came up to visit and when they went home despite my Warnings they got off at exit 15 to get gas. My friend pulled up to the pump and gassed up his car. Because it was crowded he then drove from the pump to a parking spot in front of the store, he got out to go into the store to pay for the gas. However there was a state trooper there and I guess because they had Washington D.C. tags the trooper figured he had a easy mark.

The Charge: When my friend drove 20 feet from the pump to the front of the store he didn't put on his seat belt, so of course the trooper wrote him and the front passenger a ticket for driving 20 feet without a seatbelt. And to make matters worse the trooper searched the car for drugs (didn't find any).

So Again


Note: I recieved 2 e-mails questioning the authenticity of the above story. Let me assure you it is true. I didn't get it from an email it personally happened to MY friends. I have received about 30 e-mails (Not an exaggeration) with horror stories just like this one since I don't know the people who emailed me and can't verify their story so I haven't put them here.


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