Wolves & Elk

 "If it's such a great idea," they said, "why not put them in New York?"

1. Reasons For & Against Bringing the Wolves Back

2. Reasons For & Against Bringing the Elk Back

3. Why The Adirondacks need Wolves More then Ever

4. The Essex County Ban

5. Why Hunters should support Wolves (a must read)

6. How to Prevent Wolves from being Killed if they are put back

7. Adirondack Wolf Reports & Links to Wolf sites on the web

8. The Elk Study

9. Elk Resources

In the above links are the reasons I feel Wolves and Elk belong in the back in the Adirondacks. I have also included the reasons not to bring them back and answered them. I am obviously bias but I feel I presented both sides fairly. I feel the benefits of wolf reintroduction outweighs the downfalls.

  There are different circumstances for reintroduceing Wolves in the Adirondacks than compared to out west & the Smokey Mountains. There just isn't the large livestock ranches in the Adirondacks that there are out west. Most of the farms are located far away from the areas where wolves would be realeased.

  The main opposition to Wolf reintroduction in the Adirondacks comes from hunting groups. I feel most of it is just plain greed and selfishness.   

  The Biggest problem with Wolf reintroduction is the attitude of some people who live here. I was talking to some hunters at a local bar and they said if they saw a Wolf they would just shoot it. Not if it was threatening them or their property. Just if they saw it in the woods they would just shoot it. Now I can understand the concerns of livestock owners and everything should be done to put there mind at ease (The First thing is the insurance policy to pay for loses proven to be caused by Wolves. The best thing about this policy is that it will be a private foundation not some large uncaring government bureaucracy). But to just shoot one because you don't like them no matter how many other people want them here. Lucky however it seems to be more the older generation that has this selfish attitude and hopefully it will die with them. Again nobody is arguing against anyone's right to hunt BUT your right to hunt IS NOT greater then everyone else's right to enjoy the Adirondacks in there own way.

Wolf Title Banner Photo by egg@best.com (Earle Goodman)

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