Essex County Law banning the Importation of Wolves, Mountain Lions, Coyotes & poisonous reptiles passed 16-0 with 1 abstention

The Law that was passed

Everyone should be against this law even if you hate wolves. This Law benefits only one group and it's not hunters. It's Lawyers! A county cannot over ride state laws especially since the state owns & pays taxes on most of the land there! All this law will accomplish is making Lawyers Richer. This law will cause law suits which the county will lose. I wonder how many of the supervisors have individual or special interest law firms who will make money off this. All this means is wasted tax dollars that could go to our schools & ect will go into the pockets of Lawyers.

The Law was the Brain Child of Essex County Supervisor Dale French (R-Crown Point) who invoked an over 100 year old New York State law which authorizes counties to control predators by enacting a bounty. Despite Dale French and his Special Interest Partners The Adirondack Solidarity Alliance & The Washington D.C. based The Alliance for America wishes for a bounty on these predators the law that passed only bans importation & released which is not covered in the New York State Law.

In New York State & Essex County we are over taxed enough. There are a lot of Coyotes & some Eastern Timber Rattle Snakes here. For Dale French and his Washington D.C. Special Interest Cronies to suggest that we spend more of our hard earned tax money that could go to much more important things to pay for a bounty few people want is absurd. I almost wish this would have passed. The outrage it would have caused would have pretty much assured a fast wolf reintroduction.

NOTE: Dale French just got another law passed. Essex County will give $10,000 of our tax dollars to a Washington D.C. law firm connected with his Alliance for America called the Defenders of Property Rights in a useless study of the APA. I am willing to bet that if the Essex county law goes to trial the Defender of Property Rights Lawyers will get more of our tax dollars to argue it. At least the Defenders of Wildlife are paying for their Wolf study out of their own pockets and not taking our tax dollars like the Hypocrite Dale French.

One other word from Webster's Dictionary (Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary)

Kick-Back (kik bak) 1. Slang A payment to a person who is in a position to influence a source of income for another person or group

This Law does not cover Wolves released in other counties that come into Essex.

How is this law enforceable? If Wolves are released here and a bounty is put on the Wolves anyone who goes out there and kills a wolf and collects a bounty from the county will end up with a bigger fine from NY State and Feds. Wolves are an endangered Species and are protected.

This law will hurt Essex county if they try to enforce it. We will make the national news and the protest/ boycott of Essex county that will result will hurt our tourist income the same way it hurt Alaska's. And the court fight and appeals will cost us taxpayers more money.