If Wolves are put here the big Question is

How to stop people from just killing the wolves!!!!

Unfortunately if wolves are put here there are some selfish people who will try to kill them. A sad commentary on the Human Race.

The good news is the Adirondack woods are so big that it will be very hard to find them never the less kill them. While Wolves are being killed in Arizona the Wolves in Minnesota are doing fine. The Minnesota forest is vast so the wolves can easily avoid hunters and hunters can't get to them.

Just the introduction of Wolves will be a great advertisement for Adirondacks. The Adirondacks will be on the news across the country and it will bring people here. However if the wolves are shot we will be portrayed as gun toting loonies and no one will want to come here.

Besides hiring armed commandos to watch over them we should.....

The First thing we need is strong laws protecting the Wolf to act as a deterrent. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean you should be allowed to go out and just shoot them with little or no consequences.Many people didn't like the fact that Wal-Mart moved into Ticonderoga but that doesn't give anyone the right to Burn it down. The same applies to Wolves. There should be heavy fines & maybe some jail time. If you go out and shoot a wolf you are committing a crime against everybody and you should pay. If anyone who shoots a Wolf and gets off easy this will encourage more people to go out there and shoot them.

The second is vigilance. Just keep an eye out. If you see someone with a gun or you hear gun shots (especially if it is not hunting season) around the area where Wolves are just try to remember what they looked like & types of cars in the parking lot. If it is reported that a wolf was shot in the area you were in you could have the information that leads to the arrest of the killer. The defenders of wildlife usually offer a reward.

Other Idea's to consider

5 to 1 Plan. How about for every Wolf killed by Hunters (not farmers protecting their livestock) we put 5 more Wolves back.

Med-Alert Collars Put collars on the Wolves that can detect heart beats & if a Wolf's heart beat stops the collar sends out an emergency signal so the park rangers get there fast to catch the killer. Or even a collar that can "hear" gunshots.

Something to Keep in Mind

If you go out and purposely kill a Wolf or a county such as Essex puts a bounty on the Wolves the Adirondacks will be on the national news. And that will bring tons of criticism & protest from around the country. Just like what happened to Alaska when the media broadcast all those Aerial Hunts of Wolves, their tourist industry really suffered that year. If you think the Defenders of Wildlife are radical just image the firestorm from all the really Whacked out left wing Environmentalist and Animal rights activist. They could make our lives miserable by hurting our tourist economy and getting more laws that we don't need passed. Don't forget most of the hunting in the Adirondacks occurs on state land and by killing a wolf you will open the door for all kinds of restrictions. All killing or putting a bounty on Wolves will bring us more grief. And if you kill a Wolf your actions might have the opposite effect you intended, The county or state might put more Wolves in just to stem the tide of protest.