Why The Adirondacks Need Wolves Now!

    The Adirondack's need the wolves more then ever. In November 1998 the Adirondacks & upstate NY suffered two big losses. The retirement of Gerald Soloman and the Defeat of Al D' Mato to Chuck Shumer. With these powerful voices gone from Washington the Adirondacks will now get nothing, Nada, Zip, Jack S@*t. Chuck (the west begins across the Hudson) Shumer will do nothing for the Adirondacks  AND GOD HELP US IF HILLARY IS OUR NEXT SENATOR. What little money we get here from the Feds will be gone shortly. The Counties & Towns in the Adirondacks are one of the poorest in the Northeast. There is little industry here and for various reasons that is not likely to change. What is needed here is an outside source of income. Enter the Wolves & Elk. Take the town of Ely, Minnesota since Wolf reintroduction there the town as seen an increase of millions of tourism dollars! And that is in the middle of nowhere in Minnesota; The Adirondacks are within a day's drive from more than a 1/3 the population of the U.S.A. and almost 1/2 the population of Canada. We could expect an increase of 3 to 4 million tourist a year. If they each spent an average of $100 (and that is a low estimate, most tourist spend a whole lot more) that would equal $400,000,000. into our local economies. That's Four Hundred Million we don't have and won't have right now that can go to our schools, roads, help fix up the many falling down buildings and create many desperately needed jobs. Add in the fact that the NY DEC predicts that in ten years there will be 60% less hunters in New York than there are now. That is millions of more dollars we are not going to have that we have to make up somehow. Plus they might put Wolves in the New Hampshire and/or Maine which would suck vital tourist and money away if the Adirondacks don't have Wolves. People will go there instead of here.

Without Wolves the future prosperity of the people of the Adirondacks is not a good one.