Study: Parts of the Adirondacks Suitable for ELK

as reported by Jeff Meyers in the Plattsburgh Press Republican

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation concluded it's Elk Feasibility Study and found that there are 3 areas of New York that are suitable for Elk Reintroduction.The Adirondacks(excluding the central Highlands and Champlain Valley), The Catskills and 2 counties in the southwest corner of the state..

The Adirondacks ranked higher in environmental suitability.(Better Habitat, Less Density of Roads, ect.)

The Catskills ranked better when looking at social aspects.(They know how to take advantage of tourist opportunities better then us, and the people there are less resistant to change and don't fear "outsiders" like many of the people here)

The Department of Environmental Conservation would be responsible for overseeing any future Elk restoration programs. But any kind of decision would be based on public support.