2. ELK

Reasons for Elk Reintroduction

1. The Ecosystem is not complete without them

2.  It would give Wolves more things to eat

3. It would give scavengers such as Foxes, Ravens & turkey vultures more to eat.

4.  It would give the Hunters something else to shoot at and we can charge big $$

5. There having population explosions out west so re-introduction will be relativity cheap

6. Elk don't Eat livestock

7. Elk would increase deer populations

8. We might get lucky and they will eat all that dam purple loosestriffe that's growing everywhere

9. Tourism $ $ $ $ $

10. It adds another touch of charm to the majesty we are fortunate to have at our fingertips. (from the Amsterdam Recorder Jan 8 1997 said about Wolves but the same can be said about Elk)

11. ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS- To many, saving wildlife and wild lands is not only important for our own health, but essential in order to pass along a healthy earth to future generations. (from the NH Wolf Alliance said about Wolves but also applies to Elk)

12. The Study is in. Elk Can Survive & Thrive in the Adirondacks

Reasons for not bringing the Elk Back

1. Elk Can be dangerous to people

2. Elk will compete with Deer and Deer populations will fall

3. Past Re-introductions have failed

4. Hunters won't be able to control themselves and kill them all after the 1st hunting season

Answers to the reasons not to bring them back

1a.Yes sometimes Elk turn on people and serious injuries result. But most of the time it's the person being stupid (e.g. getting to close to take a picture). If people would just be smart there won't be a problem. A few dumb people shouldn't be allowed to ruin it for everyone.

1b Elk also are less likely to be involved in traffic accidents than deer & moose. They tend to get out of the way, not sit there and freeze

2. Deer and Elk Do Not eat the same things. In fact because of the loss of Elk ground plants that the Elk would have eaten have replaced the plants deer eat so there is less food for the deer so there population is smaller then what it could be. Add the Elk and they will eat these plants which would allow more of the plants the deer eat to grow back. More food for the deer means the deer populations will grow. So adding the Elk will actually increase the Deer population

3&4 The last attempt to re-introduce the elk in the Adirondacks was in 1925. They were too used to humans and fell easy prey to hunter's guns. Back then hunting season was all year long and there was little controls. Today things are different Hunting season is a little more then a month long and there are controls. People had to hunt back then to eat, today  hunting is just a "Sport". With Transportation improvements since 1925 and the population  explosions out West we could bring a lot more Elk here all at once. With hunting controls we could ban the hunting of Elk for a few years to let their population grow to good numbers. I know I am asking a lot but hunters got to decide do they want one really great year or many great years.Then We Can add The Wolves.