Adirondack Speedtraps

Dedicated to warning drivers of upstate New York's worst predators. The NY state trooper and Traffic DA's and Judges.

Where the cops hang out along the Northway

Schroon Lake/Ticonderoga - A nasty trap awaits you  here if you get off exit 28 to get gas

Wilton The most corrupt town in New York

Other Speedtraps around the Adirondacks


A Cop told me once (off the record of course) that they will Give you 72 mph. Anything above that and you are fair game. Unfortunately the local people in the Adirondacks tend to drive real slow so if you are going 70 you are passing 90% of the cars and standing out. The reason for this page is the Northway is a long, wide, generally straight deserted road and weather permitting the speed limit should be 75 or even 80. But then the towns couldn't make money sucking you dry. So hopefully this page will help you avoid becoming a victim of unjust laws.    

And despite what the authorities might say the cops DO have Quotas and you are more likely to see the police and be pulled over at the end of the month.

* Note High Rock faces in the middle of the road makes RADAR detectors almost useless and the fact that there isn't a lot of traffic means the traffic cops don't need to keep their RADAR guns on all the time.

Even if you are going between 66~75 mph (or in some case even less when they have to make their Quotas) and get stopped the state troopers will never give a ticket for one of those speeds. They will flat out lie and write you a ticket for 76 mph. This is a slick trick by them because they know if you try and fight it they can plea bargain you the lesser point violation of 74 mph.

And please remember to flash your brights at oncoming traffic when you see a cop on the other side of the road. This was popular during the 70's & 80's it's time to bring it back

Speedtrap Links

New York State Traffic Laws - a Critique An excellent article about the true nature and agenda of New York's unjust traffic laws.

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