Exit 28 - Screwed (Schroon) Lake


A major trap/extortion racket awaits you if you get off this exit to Ticonderoga/Schroon Lake

Do not get off this exit to get gas.

When you get off this exit to the west of 87 it looks like there's a dead end but there's not, there's actually a road there. There's a hill there which the cops hide behind (many times multiple cars) where they can see you get off the exit but you can't see them. What they will do is they will watch you get off the exit and go to the blinking red light on Rte 9 and then get gas and after you do that, when you come back to the Northway they will pounce on you.

Here's a map of the area

Image courtesy of Google Earth

The charge they will nail you with, is they will claim you didn't fully stop at the blinking red light. Whether you did or not is irrelevant because they want your money and they have no qualms about making up whatever story they have to in order to get it from you.

Of course it is a total flat out lie because here is a picture from the exit

Can you see the blinking light in this picture?

The road curves, so of course you can not and neither can the cops, so they can't know if you stopped at the light or not.

And note: The picture is taken more to the right (south) then where the cops are usually hiding so the left mound under the bridge is blocking their view even more so.

And no they can't creep up the exit after you pass to get a better view because the area is highly vegetative and their view is just as blocked.

So any stop light ticket written here is a total fabrication.

And in the ultimate arrogance, the cops will claim you didn't fully stop at the light both times (coming & going) but they will only write one ticket and then expect you to thank them for it.

So if you are coming and going to the Adirondacks, DO NOT stop here, unfortunately there are no other gas stations anywhere else around the area, so make sure you have enough so you don't have to stop here. If you need gas, get it in whatever town you start out in or at Exit 32 or Exits 18 & 19.

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