Where the Cops are on the Northway

*RED Warning Good chance you see a police car. Police & Judges in these areas are to be avoided.

 * Yellow Police are there often especially at the end of the month use caution

* Green  Rarely will you see the police but they could be there at any time


The Map & Web page is for entertainment purposes only. The Owner of this site takes no responsibility for tickets or injury or death due to speeding caused by the user following this map. The Speed limit is 55 mph from exit 1 to 8 and 65 mph from exit 9 to 43

Yes this list has certainly grown, But due to Pataki and his 38 RINOs in the State Senate buggeling the budget, They need revenue so they have been packing willing cops without a conscious up here to get some. Forget Al Qeda and terrorist running around New York City, We all know that the real threat to New York and The United States are people driving over 65 on the Northway.

Map not to scale

 Chazy(exit 41) - One car is sometimes waiting. Hides in the divider just north of the exit. More Danger if you are coming south. Once you see the 1 mile to exit sign slow down if the cop is there he will be in the next divider. If you are Going North it will be the 1st divider after the exit.

North of Plattsburgh(Exit 39). Sometimes the cops hide in the divider on the other side of a hill. As you are heading north out of Plattsburgh and pass the Exit 39 1 mile sign you start to go up a hill and you can't see what 's on the other side. The cops will be on the other side of the hill Watch out. No problem coming south you can spot them a mile away   

Peru(exit 35) - Beware this is a very crooked town!! The Police are always out and always pulling someone over. Cops here can only be described as lowlife thugs, they will often flat out lie and give innocent drivers tickets just to make their quotas. The Judge in this town is an ex-State Trooper so trying to fight a ticket and expecting a fair trial is futile. Cops tend to hide in the dividers and at the rest area. A favorite hiding place is just north of exit 34, as you pass the exit there is a line of trees in the divider that goes on for about a mile, the cop likes to hide at the end of that line of trees (near an overpass). You can spot the cop easily going south but you won't see him coming north until it's to late.

Willsboro(exit 33) There has been a lot of activity here near the exit over the since the beginning of 1999. They just keep putting more and more troopers here. They hide on top of the bridge by the exit. Going North (More danger) they hide on the entrance ramp where you can't see them. Coming South they hide behind a small hill in the divider just past the entrance ramp. Coming south past the exit towards exit 32 there are few places for the cops to hide, with the exception of a slick hiding place in the middle divider between mile marker 129 & 128, It is around a curve so you won't see the Trooper until it's too late. Watch out for this.

Westport/Elizabethtown (n of 31) - One car is sometimes hiding behind rocks in the divider near the exit. Westport (s of 31) - Sometimes multiple cars hang out between exit 30 & 31 in the divider near the rest area in one big speeding ticket sweep. Beware heading north from the rest area all the way to the exit, especially at night. 

North Hudson(Exit 29 & 30) - Going south of 30 they hide at the bottom of a hill at a sharp left curve just past the High Peaks rest area. Going north there is a slick hiding spot behind the rock face and/or a group of trees immediately past exit 30 in the divider where you won't see him until it's to late.

Ticonderoga/Schroon Lake(Exit 28) - Often Nicknamed "Screwed Lake". They like to hide on the exit/entrance ramp right behind a big hill on the west side where they will see you but you won't see them and they will zoom down the entrance ramp after you. Sometimes they are in the dividers just to the north and south of the exit. Adding to the corruption, all fines from traffic tickets the check is written out directly to the Mayor. You get pulled over here the Mayor enjoys dinner on you. DO NOT GET OFF THIS EXIT to get gas, there is an extremely nasty trap waiting for you!!!! (More on this here)

Pottersville (Exit 25) - Lots of activity here recently South and North of the exit mainly around Mile marker 75. Danger from here until Exit 28

Warrensberg (Between Exits 23-24) - There are often cops in the dividers between the Rest areas on both sides of the road.  

Lake George Vil (Exit 22) Used to be safe to blow through here, But lately there is always 1 or more cop cars here sitting at the divider right near the entrance ramp under the bridge.

Start of Park(exit 20-23). High rock faces on side of road makes it hard in this area for police to hide. Add the fact that there is few towns here makes this area pretty safe.

Glens Falls (Exit 19-20) Lots of danger coming South, There is an obvious spot in the divider where there is often a cop but just (south) past near mile marker 49 there is a really slick hiding spot that tucks diagonally backward where you won't see the cop until you pass him and even then only if you are looking for him.

Wilton (exit 15 to 17)- The Worst Town in New York. A small town whose main source of income is speeding tickets. They have 2 D.A.s whose only job is to prosecute speeding tickets. Try and fight one and the judge will threaten to throw you in jail. I doesn't matter if you are in a group of cars, the cop will pull all of you over. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION!!!! Get in the right lane, don't go even 1 mph over 65 and DO NOT STOP HERE. This is a Very, Very corrupt town. (More on Wilton Click Here)

Malta (Exit 13) Danger around the exit.

Clifton Park (North of exit 9) The state Police barracks (It's also a rest area) is right on the Northway north of exit 9. And the Police are usually hiding not to far away in the dividers.

Clifton Park (Exit 8 to 9) Very Dangerous going north of  the bridge over the Mohawk river, the only safe time is during rush hours when there is a lot of other traffic. What makes this area particularly dangerous is that despite the openness the Speed limit is still an unreasonable 55 mph. There is less of a danger coming south after exit 9 but be watchful of the changing speed limit.

Albany to Saratoga.(Exit 1-7). There is always a lot of traffic here and it usually is moving good. So unless you are driving like a lunatic there is not much to worry about.