Other Speedtraps around the Adirondacks

Watch out for the splits/merges of 9N & 73  

Right at the Elm Tree Inn /Monty's where 9N & 73 merge/split on the northside of town, you used to be able to sit at the porch of this restaurant and see the cops pull people one after another. Watch your speed after you come down from the big hill from Lake Placid/Cascade Lakes on Rte. 73 and enter the town itself. They hide on 9N and pouch on you as you pass on Rt. 73. Also watch your speed as you head south/east out of the town, the speed limit stays 35mph for an unreasonable amount of time and the cops are really and eager to nail you.

Going south/east out of Keene when 9N & 73 split (or where 9N & 73 merge passed Marcy Field if you are coming north/west from Keene Valley.). There is a cop often sitting right at the split.

There is also slick hiding spot on 9N between Keene & Elizabethtown.

It is 7.1 miles North from the split between route 9 & 9N in Elizabethtown. Right after you pass the trailhead for Huricane Mountain there is a small field on the left. The hiding space is at the end of this field on a raised mound on the left. The cop is easier to spot well ahead coming from this direction.

Or it is 2.8 miles from the Keene after the southern split between 73 & 9N. You won't spot the cop until you are passing him. As you pass the Baxter Mountain Inn watch for a sharp curve to the right. The cop will be on the right side on a raised mound.

(Note: Route 9N doesn't mean 9 north, there is a Route 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D...9N, etc)

Rt. 30 Between Long Lake & Tupper Lake
There is a spot between Long Lake and Tupper Lake on Rt. 30 right around Sabattis Circle road. If you are travelling either north or south (especially south), there are two downhill sections where even if you take your foot off the gas, the car will maintain speed or accelerate. Right at the bottom of that hill is a trooper spot. You can actually see where they sit and pull on and off the road because all the grass is worn away from the trooper cars driving on it. They sit right behind some trees there... very concealed.

Indian Lake
Rt. 28 south of Indian Lake. There is an area with a strait away (pretty much the only one on that road) where the troopers like to sit.

I have received a few e-mails warning about the State police in Wesport/ Elizabethtown. It seems every year in the late spring/early summer this is the dumping ground for new troopers and that they always add 8 to14 Rookie State Troopers to the State Police Headquarters there. These rookies are all recent grads and they are all look to make names for themselves. From what I hear every year they harass everybody and are real ballbreakers. Unless there is some really big crime wave in these small towns that I haven't heard about, their only purpose is to give out lots of tickets. So Beware on rt. 9N between Elizabethtown & Westport. Be especially careful at night when you are most likely the only car on the road, I hear at that time they will pull over anybody and everyone for no reason.

Note: The state police barracks is located about .25 miles just to the west of exit 31 on the border of Westport & Elizabethtown

Eagle Bay
I don't personally know about this town but it was mentioned in the Adirondack Life magazine as being a nasty speedtrap town. So be careful if you pass through here. It's on Rt. 28 between the towns of Inlet and Old Forge. 

Saranac Lake
Be careful as you leave this town heading on Rt. 3 towards Tupper Lake. The speed limit stays 30mph for an unreasonable amount of time and the cops are waiting to nail you. Also be very careful driving between Lake Placid, Raybrook & Saranac Lake at night.

The Castskills/ Thurway (Between Albany & NYC)

I haven't been on this much to know every single speedtrap, but in general the Thruway seems safer than the Northway as there's not as many towns by the exits with their hands out on the Thruway compared to the Northway. There is a highly active area to note though. Between mile markers 115 and 121 the area is full of cops. The dividers where the cops hang out often are right on the mile markers 115 and 120. Coming north, right exactly on mile marker 117 there's a particularly nasty one, the hiding spot is diagonally back in the divider and you won't spot the cop(s) until you pass them if at all. Slow down and be careful through this whole area. The only other thing to keep in mind is in Kingston at exit 19 where the State Trooper barracks are right on the Thruway, there will often be a cop hiding not to far to the north.