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Algonquin from Mt. Jo

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Rank Name,Height,Rating,Field of view,crowd factor,How to get there,comments
1 MT. MARCY 5,344 *****, 360, JP, TS, PG-13  Highest in NY nuff said.
2 Algonquin PK 5,115 ***** ,360, JP, TS, PG On a clear day 135 Lakes can be seen from the summit. Most annoying and rocky trail, hard to keep a good pace, it's like walking in a dry uphill stream. Waterfall impressive early spring, totally dries up in summer
3 Mt HayStack 4,961 *****, 360, PC,TS, PG-13(garden)/R(Panther Gorge) Great Views down into Panther gorge and of Marcy & the Great Range.
4 Mt Skylight 4,924 *****  ,360, PC, T, PG-13 Largest Area of Bare Open Rock of the 46
5 Whiteface mt. 4,885 ****  360 ,JP, Ts & D, PG   Largest Vertical Drop for skiing in the east
6 Iroquois Pk 4,849 *****, 360, JP, P, PG-13 Releatively easy walk from Algonquin.
7t Basin MT 4,826 *****<360 JP, Ts, PG-13(Shorey shortcut)/X(Saddleback) Most annoying trail to get here the Shorey Short Cut, extreme trail from Saddleback
7t Gray Pk 4,826 ****, +oks, PUC, P, R Highest dense forest in the Adirondacks
9 Dix MT 4,823 ***** ,360, JP,TS, PG-13 Trails are basically level for most of the Hike then they Shoot straight up. You do not have to have your dog on a leash in the Dix range.
10 Gothics 4,734 *****,360 JP,TS,PG-13 If you climb one mountain in the Adirondacks this is it
11 Mt Colden 4,715 *****,<360,(Bigmt2), PC,  Ts, PG-13/ (R SE Slide)/ (XX trap dyke) Tucked between Marcy & Algonquin with awesome views of both. The Trap Dyke is often cited as the best climb in the Adirondacks. SE slide is awesome (Go left) and there is an easy herd path to the summit.
12 Giant Mt. 4,626 *****, ~180,JP,TS,

PG  Chapel Pond(73) and Roaring brook(73)
PG-13  Rocky Peak Ridge and Owl's head(9N)
X  Diagonal and Tulip slides
XX  Bottle, Eagle and East Face Slides

You can see this mountain from all over Lake Champlain(El. 95') but you can't see Lake Champlain from the summit. Veiw still very spectacular. Most varied looking Mountain. Giant looks very different depending on which direction you veiw it from to the point that you wouldn't believe it's the same mountain. I would rate Giant as the #1 over all mountain in the Adirondacks due to the fact that each of the 4 trails are unique and there is so much other than the summit to do on it.  

13t Mt Redfield 4,606 ****  +oks PC, R, Very Long, Good view of Allen but other views of close by mountains for the most part get "cut off".  Good view of Marcy before summit.  
13t Santanoni Peak 4,606 *****, >360, PC, P or S, R(Path) /XX (If you attempt the summit from the Ermine Brook Slide). Path from Tahawas is pretty stright forward though extremely muddy even by Adirondack standards. You will be Shread to pieces by Cripplebush if you try to get to the summit from the Ermine Brook Slide 
15 NippleTop 4,593 ***** d180, PC, T or S, R Always near the top of favorites in many best peak list in guidebooks, I'm probably going to get flack for this, but while yes Nippletop is a great mountain it is overrated. Lots of ups & downs on the trail from the Ausable Club. A reasonable bushwhack can be made from Gravestone Brook on the Dix (Rte. 73) trail if you want to avoid the AMR's no dog rule .
16 Wright Peak 4,587 ***** ,360(Bigmt), PC, T or S, PG The Famous Adirondack Poster taken from this peak. Less Crowded than Algonquin. Great Slide Climb (The 1947 one). Deadly Avalanche killed a skier on the Angel (Hurricane Floyd) Slide (1999). 
17 Saddleback Mt 4,528 *****,>360(bigmt), JP, T, PG-13 The trail between this and Basin is one of the most Dangerous.   
18 Panther MT 4,442 **** >200 PC, P, PG-13 Easiest of the Santanoni range to climb
19 Armstrong MT 4429 **** ~180(bigmt) ,JP, T , PG-13
20 Tabletop MT 4,413 ***, one, PC, P, R Used to be a real pain to get here but Park Rangers have now have made it relatively easy. Some decent views on the way up, None from the summit.
21 Hough PK 4,409 *** one(bigmt), PC, P, R On the way down from Dix
22 MaComb Mt 4,390 ***** >360 , PC, S, R  Excellent Slide Climb
23 Rocky Peak Ridge 4,383 *****,360, PC,T, PG-13 The local favorite. Has the best views of any High Peak of Lake Champlain, Great Ridge walk.
24 Mt Marshall 4,363 **** +oks PUC,P, R Great View of Colden, Marcy and the Shepard's tooth
25 Allen MT 4,347 ***, +oks, PUC, P, R Way, Way out there in the middle of nowhere
26 Seward Mt 4,331 ***  +oks PUC,P,R, Ehh.
  Table Top East Peak 4,304
27 Esther MT 4,239 ** one(bigmt) ,PC,P, PG Growing Trees means the views from this summit are closing in
28 Big Slide MT 4,232 *****, >200, JP, T, PG The last 0.3 mile shoots up 700 feet, The Trail via the Brothers is one of the most spectacular in the Adirondacks.
29 Upper Wolfjaw 4,203 ** +oks JP, T,PG-13 The Incisor of the wolf's Jaw.
30 Lower WolfJaw 4,173 *** +oks, JP, TS, PG-13 Has the most trails to get here but the best way is by the Y shaped Bennies Brook Slide. Go right at the split!. Look at the Metric Map for location of Bennies Brook it's not on the ADK maps.
31 Phelps MT 4,160 ****~180(bigmt),JP, T, PG Great View of Marcy, Colden & Mcintyeres
32t Sawteeth 4,134 ***** >360 PC,T, PG-13 The hardest mt. for dogs to get to. The Scenic trail blows (it's my current least favorite trail in the Adirondacks) so stick to the Weld trail which is far superior. If you want to do a loop of both trails it's much better go up the Weld and come down the Scenic.  
32t Street MT 4,134 * one, PC, P, R it use to be a nightmare getting here but peakbaggers have made the path easy to follow
34 Mt Donaldson 4,108 *** >200 PC, P, R This Mt. is In The Way, There are good views but everything is so far away
35 Cascade Mt 4,098 ***** 360 JP, T, PG Easiest of the 46 to climb, almost gave this one a G rating. Nice Open Rocky Summit. Very, very muddy trail. Though  I have re-climbed it fall 2003 and the trail was totally dry.
36 Seymour MT 4,091 ***** ,>200,PUC, P&S, R  Great Views of the high peaks from the west, only great one in the Seward range
37t Mt Colvin 4,068 ***** <360, PC, T,PG-13 Lesser peak named for the greatest Adirondack Explorer
37t Porter MT 4,068 ***** ,<360, PC, TS, PG Summit Not as Spectacular as Cascade but better views of the Great range.
37t South Dix 4,068 **, +oks(bigmt), PC, P, R Only 4000 footer that can't be seen from Marcy. There is a movement to rename South Dix as Carson after Russell Carson author of "Peaks & People of the Adirondacks"  
40 MT Emmons 4,039 * one, PUC, P, R Brutal climb for limited views
Yard Mt 4,009
41 East Dix 4,006 ***** 360(bigmt) PC, P + S, PG-13 One of the best slide climbs in the Adirondacks, Best to do this Mt. from Rt 73 than from South Dix. Lots of good swimming holes along the path from Rte. 73. Also the path from 73 it has the most varied deciduous trees so this is the Best High Peak for fall colors. Hans Steiniger the 1st person credited with climbing it in 1917 wanted it to be renamed Dragon Tooth which would have been cool. There is currently a movement among the ADK 46ers to rename it Grace Peak after Grace Hudowalski the 1st women 46er which will hopefully fail. It's East Dix and should stay East Dix forever.     
42 Dial MT 4,003 **** one ,PC,T, PG-13

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Great Range from the 1st Brother

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