A quick run down of Wildlife What's Here, What's Not, What Could Be

Mountain lions: Hunter's Didn't get them all, They are here in very small numbers. About 1 or 2 sightings a year. One was shot in 1994. One recently (Fall 2001) spotted by at least 25 people in the town of Lewis.

Caribou: They have been extinct in the Adirondacks for 10,000 years, they don't belong here anymore

Lynx: Yes they are still here. Numbers are unknown. I know they are here because I almost ran over one on the Northway recently.

Wild Turkey Last ones wiped out by Hunters in 1850. Reintroduced and now populations are exploding

Moose: gaining in numbers

Badgers:  Yes they are here. I saw one. Probably very low in numbers.

Wolverines: There are rumors they might be here in the Northern Tier,

Grizzly Bears: Not on this side of the continental divide

Wolves: Hopefully coming back soon

Elk :Were here at one time hunted to extinction.Hopefully coming back soon

Pleisosaurus: People claim to have seen champ and Lake Champlain was once part of the ocean

Bigfoot: I have been told that Bigfoot is Alive and well in Herkimer County

Zebra Mussels An Unwelcome Invader but Hey the lake has never been cleaner

Pine Martins After been hunted almost to extinction They are back and stealing hiker's food

Eastern Timber Rattlers: Small numbers in select locations around Lake George and the town of Westport.

Skunks: Oh yeah

Blackflies: !$@!^#&!@#@!#&*!@&*#^!@*&#@!$#

Eastern Brown Bat: Anything that eats Mosquitoes & Blackflies is a friend of mine

Fleas & Ticks Very Rare North of L. George. Unheard of in higher elevations so bring the dog

Black Bears: Main stay at the dumps & becoming a nuisance stealing tourist food

Beavers: Damming up rivers & lakes and causing Giardia

Bison: No Open parries so no Bison except on farms

Minks: Second stinkyest animal after the Skunk

Antelope: deer play not the antelope here

Red Fox : Keeping the Rodent population down

Golden Eagles: Making a comeback but still rare

Bald Eagles:  Very, Very Rare

Ravens: Coming back in good numbers 

Foot Long Millipedes And then some

Coyotes: Despite Man's best effort they are still here in good numbers

Parrie Dogs No Parries so no parrie Dogs

Rabbits: Coyote & Fox Food

Fishers: Small numbers but they are here

River Otters: Here in decent numbers

Turkey Vultures: Ugly but but here

Weasels:   There are ermine which are short tailed Weasels that live here. Thanks to A.M. for pointing this out to me.

Leaches Avoid Stagnant Water