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Giantr.jpg 292k Picture of Giant Mountain taken from Round Mountain. Same angle as the last one but this one is better if you are using 800x600 and/or have a lot of desktop icons.
Gothics-Y.jpg 331K Replaces the old crummy picture of Gothics with this wonderful picture of Gothics taken from Yard
Lyon.jpg 270K Picture of Lyon Mountain across from Chazy Lake- Sure it looks like an old pic out of a 1960's technicolor textbook but it does make a nice wallpaper.
RavenH.jpg 294K Picture of Raven Hill in Elizabethtown from Meigsville Road
RBFalls.jpg 290K Picture of the 325ft Roaring Brook Waterfalls from Rt. 73
Rocky.jpg 243k Picture of Rocky Peak Ridge from a frozen Round Pond.

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