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Here are some Adirondack pictures and wallpapers for your computer if you wish. Feel free to use them as you will however you may Not charge money for them (Actually if you do find a way to make money off them Congratulations!! but I want my cut!!!).

The pictures are scanned at 1600x1200 resolution but they are set to display as 1024x768 on the website. If you save them they will be back as 1600x1200.

If you wish to view them smaller or larger click below

The 1st 4 pages were in alphabetical order but I got lazy and now they are in order as I upload them.

If want one for your wallpaper then if screen resolution is 1024x768 just right click and set as desktop background, you can do this with any other screen resolution but for best results switch to the resoultion closest to you monitor or save them on your computer 1st. 

* Note: No matter what size you choose, the pictures are 1600x1200 and resized by your browser. Unfortunately browsers like Explorer & Firefox tend to be bad in resizing images especially those not in normal ratios, the pictures at 800x600 are usually fine since it's 1/2 size but there might be some loss of integrity at the 1024x768 size especially around borders (i.e. Where mountain meets sky) but if you set as your desktop they will be fine.

They may take sometime to load especially if you are using dial up so be patient.

6 Pictures per page - Pressing full screen (The F11 Key) will make browsing easier

Newest - Silver Lake from Silver Lake Mtn. (Replaced old picture with a newer better quality one)

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Algonquin From Cascade Lake
Blue Mountain Lake
Cascade from Pitchoff
Colden from Marcy Dam
Colvin from L. Ausable Lake
View from Pharoah Mt.

Dix from Noonmark
Dix from above Round Pond
Dix - Beckhorn slide
Dix Range
Unnamed Peak and Noonmark
Giant From Nubble

Giant From Round Mountain
Gothics from Yard
Lyon Mountain
Raven Hill
Roaring Brook Falls
Rocky Peak Ridge From Round Pond

Shanties on Lake Champlain I
Shanties on Lake Champlain II
Silver Lake from Silver Lake Mtn.
Split Rock Falls
Upper Great Range from Yard
Wright from Marcy Dam

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View to the west from Pyramid Peak
View to the east from Pyramid Peak
View to the SW from Hurricane mt.
View to the east from Hurricane mt.
Hurricane from Baxter Trailhead
Big Slide from Baxter

Incoming Snow Storm on Koon Mt.
Arnold Pond from Skiff
1st view from the Ridge Trail to Giant
Washbowl frozen
Ice Storm 11/07 pic #1
Ice Storm 11/07 pic #2

Looking up Giant from the Ridge Trail
Giant from off the Dix Trail
Rocky Peak Ridge from East Dix Path
Porter Cliffs from Little Porter
Little Porter
Hawk over John's Brook Valley

Algonquin from Van Hoevenberg
Gothics from Van Hoevenberg
Bridge over Slide Brook
Cascade from Pitchoff II

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