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Here's some *.tpg files with waypoints for use with National Geographic's Topo Software.

To download them right click the link and chose "Save Target As"  - The waypoints for all 163 Mountains that are listed on my site as being above 3000 feet. From Marcy to Macomber they are all here, 3 tpg files one with mounatins listed in order of height, one by name. A third file contains extra mountains above 3000 feet that would count using the 200 foot rule. 

Note: The Sawtooth Range was changed once again on 10/24/05 in the above files, So if you downloaded before re-download them for the update.

5stars.tpg The waypoints of the 56 mountains that are rated 5 out of 5 stars on my site. These are the best mountains in the Adirondacks or anywhere. I have a version number because I know I'm going to change my mind and add or substract some and hopefully find some more to add.

Version 1 updated 8/3/05

Version 2 updated 9/15/05 - After a few emails, I've added Nippletop the Highpeak. I still think it's overrated but it does have a nice slide

Ranges with unnamed peaks.tpg  Waypoints for the unnamed peaks in certain ranges in the Adirondacks ranked according to height in the range (i.e. Sawtooth #1, Sawtooth #2,....). The ranges and number of peaks in this file include the Fishingbrook(12), Kitty(28), Loon(6), Lyon(10), Sawtooth(20), T Lake(11) and West Canada(9) ranges. The peaks are given a number by height according to the 200 foot rule.

Note: The Sawtooth Range was changed 10/24/05 on again in the above files, also added more Fishingbrook Mts. So if you downloaded before re-download them for the update. OK, I won't change them again, I promise!

More coming to this section later.

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