Catalog of Slides in the Adirondacks

Slides are nature's gift to hikers - Barbara McMartin


Size, Side of the mountain, name of slide (if it has one), date when slide formed (if known), comments

Size is grouped into 5 categories: There are no definitive parameters between categories
Prominent: These are large/long slides that often give the mountain it's distinctive look
Medium:  Medium sized slides, maybe worth a look
Small: Small slides
Remnant: These are slides that have grown in and may be really old. They are probably only interesting in a geological sense and not so much for climbing
Uncertain: There is a slide but I'm not sure of the size

Note on date formed
BWM = Before the White Man arrived
-78 = Unknown date, Slide appears on 1978 metric maps so it must have formed before then
+78 = Unknown date, Slide doesn't appear on 1978 metric maps so it may have formed after
or the map makers could have missed it.

Confirmed Slides (148)

Algonquin 5,115 (6)
Medium NW, Unnamed, +78 Seen from Lost Pond Peak

SE, The Zero Slide, 9/17/1999 Hurricane Floyd

W, Unnamed +78 Seen from Lost Pond Peak, heads up towards to col between Algonquin & Boundary then 2 branches curve toward the summit (Not sure how far the slide "slides" down the mountain)

Small   N, Unnamed, -78,  Seen from Wright, grown in some but still there.

SE, Unnamed, +78, Seen from Caribou Pass in John Winkler's "A Bushwhackers Guide to the Adirondacks" (p.50), I'm not sure of it's exact location.

Remnant S, Fuzzy Slide, -78 Left of the Hurricane Floyd slide, wide and grown in some places.

Allen 4,347 (1)
Remnant N, Unnamed, BWM, The main path to the summit is/was a slide

Armstrong 4,429 (2) 
Medium NE, Unnamed, -78 Hurricane Floyd didn't create this slide but widened it considerably. May be a technical climb

E, Unnamed, -78 Under the summit. May be a technical climb

Bald 3,000  - Rocky Peak Ridge (1)
Medium N, Unnamed, +78 Seen from Owl's Head
(But Large)
SW, Unnamed, BWM Looks that it was very large at one time but has grown in - Probably how the mountain got it's name

Baldwin 2,838 (1)
Small SW, Unnamed, -78 Small slide seen from Goodnow                                                                        

Basin 4,826 (3)
Prominent N, Basin Brook slide, +78
Medium NE, The Wrong Way Slide, +78 Branches off the Chicken Brook Slide on Saddleback
Remnant NW, Unnamed, +78 Coming from/near Slant Rock

Big Slide 4,232 (4)
Prominent S, Big Slide, 1830, It’s obviously as to why it's named Big Slide, Killed 3 people when it came down. This is a technical climb only.
Medium NW, Unnamed, +78 Seen from Pitchoff - on 1100m bump
Small   N, Unnamed, 1856 Seen from Cascade & Porter. The right one of the 2 open spots.
Remnant   SE, Unnamed, +78 Seen from the main summit, on the SW side of the 1200m sub summit, comes up from Slide Mt. Brook

Blake's 3,970
(4) -20
Prominent SE, Unnamed, -78  Long Slide seen from Nippletop & Dix
Medium S, Unnamed, -78 Wide open rock, May be a technical climb

SE, Unnamed, -78 Down by the Pinnacle

Remnant W, Unnamed, -78, Slide Remnant seen from Skylight

Cascade 4,098 (2)
Medium N, Unnamed, +78 Above The Cascade on Cascade
Small   N, Unnamed, +78 Breaks off above the Cascade on Cascade and heads west

Calamity 3,607 (1)
Medium W, Unnamed +78, Seen from Santanoni.
Uncertain SE, Unnamed, -78 Looks big on the map, the very tippy top of this slide can be seen from Skylight but I'm not sure about the rest

Cliff 3,944 (1)
Remnant E, Unnamed, -78 Was the popular way to the top of the mountain

Colden 4,715 (9)
Prominent NW, Trap Dyke, BWM, One of the premier climbs in the Adirondacks, 1st climbed in 1850 by Robert Clarke & Alexander Ralph

W, Avalanche Slides, 8/20/1869, 3 slides to the right(south) of the Trap Dyke. These are the famous slides seen on all the post cards, one of these slides was further widened 9/27/1942 by a hurricane. Left to right, the names are The Wine Bottle, Rocket and Zucchini. May be technical climbs.

SE, Unnamed, 6/1990

Medium N, Unnamed, 9/17/1999, Hurricane Floyd

NW, Unnamed, -78 Going up towards Colden's north false summit

S, Unnamed, -78 Going up towards Colden's 1273m bump

Remnant SE, Unnamed, +78 Left (South) of the SE slide

Dial 4,003 (1)
Small S, Hidden, -78 Small slide heads up towards the southern summit.

Dix 4,823
Prominent N, North Face Slides, 8/2/1993  6 slides in total, 2 face North and 4 face NW. A loud boom was heard as far away as Lake Placid & Port Henry when these bad boys came down. 2 are very hard to spot and can only really be seen from Gothics & the burned area on Noonmark.

NE, Unnamed, +78, The right slide of the two NE slides may have formed the same time as the North Face slides

NW, Unnamed, -78, May be a technical climb

S, Unnamed, +78 Seen from Hough

SE, Beckhorn Slide, +78

W, Hydra Slide, 1970 Rightmost of the 3 Western Slides

Medium W, Unnamed, 1970 Leftmost of the 3 Western Slides, "V" shaped

W, Unnamed, 1970 Middle of the 3, maybe connected to the leftmost slide at it's base

Small NE, Unnamed,  +78, Left of the two NE slides may have formed the same time as the North Face slides, however it looks grown in and older
Remnant SE, Unnamed, +78 To the left (South) of the Beckhorn Slide

East Dix 4,006 (4)
Prominent NW, The Great Slide, BWM Popular path to the summit

NW, The Not So Great Slide, BWM, Left of the Great Slide

Uncertain N, Unnamed, +78, To the left of the Great and Not So Great Slides. Looks very long but could might be all grown in
Medium S, Unnamed, -78, Between Spotted and Western Spotted
Small   N, The Practice slide, -78, Easiest slide to get to & climb, near Rte. 73

Emmons 4,039
Prominent SE, Unnamed, +78

Giant 4,626 (15)
N, Unnamed, -78, Seen from Green & the Jay Range
E, The Bat Slide, BWM, Eastern Cirque
W, Bottle Slide, 6/29/1963
W, Diagonal Slide, 6/29/1963
W, Eagle Slide, 6/29/1963 One of the premier climbs in the Adirondacks
W, Tulip Slide, 6/29/1963


NW, Lower Case Y Slide, -78, 2nd to the right and longest of the 4NW slides
S, Unnamed, -78 To the left (west) of the trail from Rocky Peak Ridge
S, Southern Fire Slides, 1903, Seen from the Ridge trail
SW, Fire Slide, Early 1903, Slide leftover after fire burned the whole side of the mountain
W, Finger Slide, 6/29/1963
Small NW, Unnamed, +78, Furthest left (east) of the 4 NW slides

NW, Unnamed, +78, 2nd to the left of the 4 NW slides

NW, Rectangle Slide, +78, Furthest right (west)of the 4 NW slides

Remnant W, Question Mark Slide, 6/29/1963

Gothics 4,734 (10) -77
Prominent   N, True North/Ribbon?, 6/1990
Prominent N, Unnamed/Ribbon?, 6/1990 Breaks off of True North at the bottom and heads up towards the col between Armstrong. It's questionable if True North and Ribbon are the same slide or is this one named Ribbon.
Prominent NW, Northwest Face Slide, BWM, This is one of the most awesome and most recognizable faces in the Adirondacks, widened even more 6/1990. This is a technical climb only.
Prominent S, Pyramid Slides, BWM
Prominent E, Rainbow Slide, -78 Is a technical climb up top, but down lower there may be spots that are climbable without rope
Prominent W, West Face Slide(s), 6/1990 Next to the NW slides, Likely technical climbs only.
Prominent W, Center Slide, +78, 6/1990 Just left of the West Face slides, goes up to the col between Gothic's eastern & western summits
Small NW, Unnamed, +78 Small slide under the NW face slide, heads to the east
Remnant W, Unnamed, -78 A small slide that leaves on or near the Ore Brook Trail and ends just under the West Face Slide(s)

Haystack 4,961 (2)
Prominent   SE, Unnamed, +78 Seen from Nippletop & Sawteeth
Remnant   E, Unnamed, -78 Seen on the map but only a remnant of  a slide remains

Hough 4,409 (1)
Prominent NE, Unnamed, -78 Most likely a technical climb

Jay 3,576 (1)
Medium SE, Unnamed, +78 Between Saddleback & Jay

Kilburn 3,881 (1)
Prominent NW, Unnamed, 10/20/1995 This slide is the cover shot of Barbara McMartin's Discover the Northern Adirondacks guidebook

Ledge Hill 1,998 (1)
Medium E, Northway Slide, BWM, Possibly the smallest mountain with a slide. Slide seen on the west side of the Northway just south of the Schroon Lake rest areas. (Note: This slide is not referring to the mudslide that happened in 2005 and closed the Northway, it's more North and has been here way before that)

Little Blue (Blue Mt Lake) 2,844 (1)
Medium S, Unnamed, +78 Seen from Castle Rock

Lower Wolfjaw 4,173
N, Bennies Brook, +78 Y shaped

S, Unnamed, -78, 9/17/1999 Hurricane Floyd didn't create this slide but widened it considerably - May be a technical climb

Small E, Unnamed, +78 Small Slide, heads up NE from Pyramid Brook

MaComb 4,390 (2)
W, Unnamed, -78 Popular way to the top of the mountain

SW, Unnamed, 1947

Marcy 5,344 (2)

S, Unnamed, BWM, Wide slide on the south, Old Mountain Phelps used this route to the top

SE, Unnamed, +78, Long Slide between the wide southern slide and Panther Gorge. The slide is probably climbable but it may be a technical climb from Panther Gorge to get to the base.

Marshall 4,363 (3)
Prominent S, Unnamed -Eastern, +78 Can be seen from Santanoni
Medium W, Unnamed, +78, Can be seen from Santanoni
Remnant S, Unnamed- Western, +78 Grown in

Moose (Lake Placid) 3,898 (1)
Prominent NW, The Brainworm, 1995, Formed in 1995, expanded by Floyd, as of 2005 still looks unstable

Nippletop 4,593
Prominent W, Unnamed, 1973 Popular climb from Elk Pass
Medium   E, Unnamed, +78 Seen from Dix

Nye 3,871 (3)
Prominent NE, Earthquake Slide, 10/7/1983 Caused by the Blue Mountain Lake Earthquake (Magnitude 5.3) of 1983
Remnant NE, Unnamed, +78 2 Slides grown in to the left(East) of the Earthquake Slide

Panther 3,862 (1)
Small W, Unnamed, +78

Porter 4,068 (1?)
Medium   NE, Unnamed, +78 In the Hull Basin, seen from the Stewards Shop on 9N/73 in Keene

Pitchoff (Sentinels) 3,497 (1)
Small W, Mini-slide, 9/17/1999 Hurricane Floyd caused a very small slide. The trail before Balancing Rocks cuts right across it. Hey don't give me that, it counts!!

Phelps 4,160 (2)
Prominent N, Mr. Van Slide, 1979 Seen from Mt. Van Hoevenberg
Remnant   N, Unnamed, +78 An old slide remnant crosses the Klondike trail

Redfield 4,606 (4)
S, Unnamed, +78 Long Slide seen from Allen

W, Plateau Slide, -78 Wide slide on the western side on the plateau

Small S, Unnamed, +78 2 Small slides to the left(west) of the Long Slide seen from Allen

Rocky Peak Ridge 4,383 (3)
Uncertain N, Unnamed, +78 The main top part is medium sized, but this slide might extend way far down
Medium N, Unnamed, +78 3 slides (that count as one) under Marie Louise pond?
Small SW, The Lonely Slide, -78 Seen from Nubble, Southeast of the Dipper

Round Mountain 3,084 (1)
Remnant N, Ancient Slide, BWM, Weston trail cuts right across it, hard to spot as it is mostly grown in. This slide may be 100s to 1000s of years old

Saddleback 4,528 (3)
Prominent NW, Chicken Brook Slide, +78

NE, Ore Bed Brook Slide, +78 Heads toward the main (west) Summit.

Small NE, Ore Bed Trail Slide, -78 Small Slide to the west of the trail

Santanoni 4,606 (2)
Prominent W, Ermine Brook Slide, 9/28/1985, Hurricane Gloria, possibly the longest slide in the Adirondacks
Medium   E, Unnamed, +78, Twin slides
Small E, Unnamed, +78, Seen from Newcomb Park

Scarface 3,058 (1)
Prominent NW, The Scar, BWM, Scarface gets it's name from this slide

Seymour 4,091 (1)
Remnant N, Unnamed, BWM, The main path to the summit is/was a slide

Skylight 4,924 (1)
Prominent SW, Unnamed, -78 Seen from Redfield

Slide 3,576
(1) -120
Small SE, Unnamed, BWM Seen from Pitchoff, It's probably where the mountain originally got it's name from more than a century ago but not much of it's left

Slip 3,313 (1)
Medium S, The Slip Slide, 2005 (Summer), Left of the Cliff, fading fast as of 2008

Snowy 3,898 (2)
Prominent SE, Unnamed, 1995 (Late winter), Slide is bright white, This slide is the cover shot of Barbara McMartin's Discover the West Central Adirondacks guidebook
Medium   SW, Unnamed, -78 Goes up to Snowy's western summit

South Dix 4,068 (1)
Medium NW, Unnamed, -78

Seward Mt 4,331 (1)
Uncertain NW, Unnamed, +78 Can be seen from Ampersand. On a Tributary of the Ward Brook?

Tabletop 4,413 (1)
Remnant NE, Unnamed, -78 On the eastern side of the 1253m bump. Looks very grown in.

TR 3,822 (1)
Medium NW, Unnamed, +78, Small slide on the 1046 sub-summit seen from Pitchoff and Mt. Van Hoevenberg, may have grown in 2005

Upper Wolfjaw 4,203  (7)
Prominent N, Long Wolfjaw Brook Slide, -78 & 9/17/1999 Nearer to the summit than the NW short slide, Hurricane Floyd didn't create this slide but did lengthened it considerably
Prominent S, Sabertooth (Right), +78 Goes up towards the eastern summit

S, Sabertooth (Left) , +78 Goes up towards the col between the double summit of UWJ

Prominent E, Unnamed, -78 Goes up towards the true summit. May be a technical climb

E, The Slide within the Slide, 2007
Prominent E, True East, +78 Goes up towards the eastern summit May be a technical climb
Medium NW, Short Wolfjaw Brook Slide, -78 & 9/17/1999 Hurricane Floyd didn't create this slide but widened it considerably

Whiteface 4,885 (4)
Prominent N, Memorial Highway Slide, -78 Crosses one loop and ends on the upper loop on the Memorial Highway

E, Ski Slides, -78 Many Branches

E, Unnamed, -78, Looks long on the map, may be connected to the Ski Slides at it's base

W, Lake Placid Slide, 9/7/1971 Seen from Lake Placid

Wright 4,587 (3)
Prominent SE, Unnamed, 9/1938

E, Angel, 9/17/1999 - Hurricane Floyd, On 2/19/00 an avalanche triggered by skiers occurred here, killing one person and injuring 5 others.

Small SE, Unnamed, 5/23/1971 Smaller and to the east of the 1938 slide, Formed by an Earthquake (Mag. 3.9 )

Unnamed (West of South Lake in the West Canada Lakes Wilderness Area) 2,933 (1)
Small E, Unnamed, +78 Mentioned in Barbra McMartin’s “Discover the West Central Adirondacks” Guidebook


Unconfirmed Slides (25) - These slides may or may not actually be there, they may be tricks of the light or they may be cliffs.

Algonquin 5,115
W, Unnamed, +78 Seen from Lost Pond Peak (in winter). There might be slides near the summit on this side.

Basin 4,826
SW,Unnamed, +78 To the left of the cliffs?  

Big Slide 4,232
N, Unnamed, +78, Seen from Cascade & Porter. The left one of the 2 open spots. Is it a slide, cliff or a branch of the slide to the right?
NW, Unnamed, +78, Seen from Picthoff, possible small slide on the north side of  the 1100m sub summit

Blake's 3,970
SW, Unnamed, +78? Can be seen from Skylight, looks like a slide but could actually be the Cy Beedes ledge

Blue Mt. 3,760 
S, Unnamed, +78  There looks like there could be two slides on this mountain seen from Lake Durant but they could be cliffs

Blue Ridge (Indian Lake Quad) 3,881
NE, Unnamed, -78 On the map
NW, Unnamed, -78 On the map

Calamity 3,607
N, Unnamed +78, By Calamity Pond
E, Unnamed, -78, On the map just south of Hanging Spears Falls, can't really see it from anywhere

Dial 4,003
SE, Unnamed, -78 On the map going to the Northern Summit, but you can't see it from anywhere (you might possibly be able to see it if it exist from the Dix North face slides)  

East Dix 4,006
S, Unnamed, -78
On the map, may be seen from Camel's Hump 

Depends, Unnamed, -78 On the map and the tippy top can be seen from Santanoni. It's on the western side of a 1251 meter peak, but I'm not sure if the peak counts as part of Gray, Redfield or Skylight (Topozone location )

Macomber 3,005
SW, The Macomber Escarpment, Early 1960's, A slide caused by fire?

Morgan 3,458
E, Wilmington, +78
There are views from the top of the slide, but I'm not sure if the slide actually "slides" down the mountain

Sawteeth 4,134
?, Unnamed,
9/17/1999 - It was reported that Hurricane Floyd caused a new slide here, I'm not sure where it is, possibly on the North side somewhere

Seward Mt 4,331
S, Unnamed, +78, Visible from the abandoned lumber camp on Ouluska Pass Brook?

Snowy 3,898
S, Unnamed, -78 On the map

Confirmed Not to be Slides

Delta Sentinel 3,212 - S, Unnamed, -78, Small open area seen from rt. 9N & Pitchoff mt. No it's a Cliff
Jay 3,576 - NW, Unnamed, -78 Going up to Grassy Notch? No it's a Cliff

Santanoni 4,606 - S, Unnamed, -78, Looks like a big slide on the map, but it doesn't look like it exist or has long since grown in - It would be clear in this picture if it actually exist but it doesn't.


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