Hiking Seasons in the Adirondacks

Mid Dec - Early March

Deep Freeze Season

Expect sub-zero temperatures. Down to -40 without the wind chill on some mountain tops.

Early March - Mid April

Refreeze Season

It gets warm. The Snow melts. The Ground gets wet. It gets Cold again. The ground "Refreezes". Hiking becomes real difficult due to icy trails, though bushwhacking can become easier.

Mid April - End of May

Wet Season

It rains a lot. Lots of snow melt. Trails become a muddy mess, Rivers become high and hard to cross. Best time to see the many waterfalls in the Adirondacks. The Adirondack 46ers & Adirondack Mountain club ask for a voluntary ban on hiking above 4000' during this time to prevent erosion and prevent environmental damage.

End of May to mid July

Blackfly Season

This is a good time to hike however the wet season before brings out the Blackflies. These little spawn of satan are everywhere. Bring your Headnets and bug repellent. Many of the Lakes & rivers are still to cold to swim in.

Dry Season

Mid July to Labor Day

Blackflies are gone. It gets kinda hot to hike far & uphill distances. But this is the Best time for camping overnight.

Fall Foliage season

Labor Day to 3rd Weekend in October

The Best time to hike in the Adirondacks. It's not to hot nor is it to cold. All the biting insects are gone. Prime color time is the first & second week of October. It doesn't rain much which means the days are usually clear. Camping at night may be a little chilly but nothing to bad.Snow is possible. The Average First Snowfall occurs on Oct. 10th.

Hunting/Dreary Season

Third Weekend in October - First Weekend in December

It's Mardi Gra for the Elmer Fudds of the world. It's safer to walk around Central Park in NYC at midnight carrying a sack of money with big dollar signs on it then to venture in the woods during this time. However you are not missing much because it is also The Dreary Season. It seems everyday during this period it is cloudy out and views from mountaintops are limited. All the leaves are gone and everything is an ugly brown.