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When I first made this website way back in the days before Java and other scripts were common  (and unsupported by my ISP) my goal was to personally keep track of the responses and manually compile the results. It sounded like a good idea at the time but unfortunately.... well lets just say for a variety of reasons it didn't quite work out and I totally lost control & track of all the responses (several hundred) I got. So I pretty much gave up and I'm not really doing anything with these results. However, I do enjoy reading them and I do keep a mental track of the results so by all means feel free to fill it out and send it to me. 

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The info you provide is for my personal knowledge only. I will not pass it on or sell it to any junk e-mailer or to any other third party.

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Like I said at the top of this page I'm not officially keeping track of the results sent in, but my unofficial observations are

-- The vast majority of you rate my page excellent or good. I've only got a few poor or terribles (and I think they were by policemen). So thank you, I'm glad most of you liked my site.

-- The most favorite section is no surprise - the Mountain List.

Over the last couple of years I would say the Speedtrap section has moved to #2. Previously when the wolf debate was hot and heated that section was popular and at one time when I first started this site the ADKwallpaper was rivaling the mountain list as the most favorite (I know why to, because back in the day when 255 colors and an image of 640x480/ 800x600 was the norm and most websites didn't have the memory to store many of them, they were great and my site was unique in having so many, since I haven't updated them to fit today's computers and there are many more sites now with pictures out there and people have their own digital cameras, the section has fell out of favor - So I hope to work on that soon).

-- The majority favor or are leaning towards wolf reintroduction - Though support for or even caring about the issue seems to have declined in the last couple of years

-- Favorite Mountain - It seems everyone has their unique personal favorite so I really can't pick a winner. Surprisingly though, I would say the majority of the time people do not pick one of the high peaks as their favorite.  

-- Favorite Lake - If I had to guess I would say Lake George seems to be the winner - but again everyone has their unique personal favorite so it's not a run away or even a majority.