Street & Nye from Heart Lake

Top 31 ways to know if you are an Adirondack Peakbagger

31 You have climbed mountains that have numbers in their name (i.e. Sawtooth #3, Fishingbrook #5, etc)

30 You think the Superbowl and/or World Series are just perfect times to avoid crowds

29 You never felt the slightest bit of guilt while using GPS

28 You have spent hours arguing the inclusive vs exclusive method

27 You can multiply any number by 3.28 in your head

26 Blah! 3.28 is nothing! You can multiply any number by 3.28084 in your head.

25 You have actually taken the Shuttle bus to the Garden

24 If the Garden parking lot is full, Instead of going someplace else you walk the 3 miles from Keene Valley

23 You Forget your spouse's Anniversary but you clearly remember the dates of all the  mountains you climbed

22 You wanted to name you're son Verplanck

21 You were not disappointed that you couldn't see Lake Champlain from Giant

20 After you climb one of the mountains You actually sew in little check marks on your Adirondack 46 tee shirt

19 You Own Black Fly Headnets of different colors to match your Hiking Outfits

18 You Think Nun-da-gado is the local Indian word for Champ

17 When somebody mentions the Hurricanes, Senitals or the Catamounts you say "Sorry I don't Know much about college football"

16 You Never Been To a Lost Pond

15 You have worn your hiking boots to work on friday so you can get a head start at the trails

14 Because you want to be a forty-sixer so bad and you have already been to Marcy, you turn down a chance to join the Marcy Mile High Club with a Cindy Crawford look a like and climb Cliff instead

13 You have done the 46. You have done the 46 in Winter. Now you are working on your Full Moon 46

12 The only pictures you have from the trailess peaks are of you next to the register

11 When somebody mentions the great views of Noonmark, You say "yeah the diner does have a nice porch"

10 You Think Poke-o-Moonshine is just the name of a Local Redneck Pub

9 You refused to Carry a rock to the top of Skylight

8 The Adirondak Loj weather line is #1 on your speed dial

7 Instead of Sport Statistics you think of Mountain heights to make sex last longer

6 You take your out of state friends who never seen the Adirondacks before up Street & Nye because you have already been to Marcy

5 You got into a fist fight with somebody twice your size on top of Whiteface over if taking the elevator counts or not

4 You're Son and Daughter are named Allen and Marcy

3 When somebody brings up Mcnaughton you change the subject

2 You've been arrested for smuggling your dog through the AMR

1 You Have Been To Couchie