The Fakes, The Frauds, The Not Real Mountains Of The Adirondacks

The 3 Brothers

The General Rule to be a mountain is that it must rise 5% of it's height on all sides. However for some reason to be a Mountain in the Adirondacks there is a tougher criteria

To be a mountain it must be 3/4 of a mile away from another peak and rise 300 feet on all sides.

Sometimes they look like real mountains, and if you climb them they may feel like real mountains, but if they don't fit the parameters they don't count.

Here are some of the more notable ones with the mountain they are part of.

@ less the 3/4 mile from other summit

# doesn't rise 300 ft on all sides

See Legend for symbols

Name, Reason it's not a mt, Height, Rating, Field of View, Crowd Factor, How to get there, difficulty rating

Boundary Peak (#@ Algonquin) 4,829 *****, <360, JP, T, PG-13
Little Marcy (#Take a guess) 4,744 ***, <180, DS, B, X High Plateau of Mt. Marcy, great view of Haystack Mt.
Pyramid Peak
(@Gothics)  4,595 *****, 360, JP, T, PG-13 Often cited as the Best View in the Adirondacks.
Unnamed (#Marcy)  4,412s
The Headwall
(#Santannoni) 4,200 *****, ~180, PUC, B, PG-13 One of the best Hikes in the Adirondacks
Lookout Mt
.(@#Esther) 4,087 **, +oks, PC, T, PG Doesn't "Lookout" much
Yard Mt
. (#Big Slide) 4,008 ***, one, DS, T, PG-13 The jury is out on this one this is the closest to the real thing. Two open spots just below the summit on the western side, but they overlook the same thing so they count as one. Spectacular straight on view of Gothics N/NW face. Even though it's in the center of the High Peaks very few people do this so you'll probably have the summit & views to yourself.
Rist Mt (#@North River Mt) 3,858,,***, +oks, DS, B, XX Very hard extreme bushwhack, Used to be the highest mountain in the North River Range on the 1955 maps but lost it's title on the 1978 maps
Gooseberry Mt.
(#Saddleback) 3,848
Howard Mt.
(#Tabletop) 3,848
Sawtooth #2S
(#Sawtooth #2) 3,732
Third Brother (#Big Slide) 3,720 ***, one , JP, T, PG Greatest view of Big Slide's Slide other than that it doesn't have as good as a view as it's shorter brothers.  
Spotted Mt
(#East Dix). 3,611 ****, 360, DS, B, R Still shows scars from when it was burnt bare
Sawtooth #1E
(#Sawtooth #1) 3,543
Mansbury mt. (#Little Moose) 3,464 ***, >200, DS, B, X
Hedgehog 3,389 (#Lower Wolf Jaw) no *'s, none, PUC, T, PG Worst View in the Great Range
Sawtooth #8
(#Sawtooth #1) 3,386
Sawtooth #9 (#Sawtooth #3) 3,379
Metcalf Mt.(#Wakely) 3,307
Sawtooth #10
(#Sawtooth #2) 3,284
(#Kilburn Mt) ****, +oks, DS, S, X Excellent Views from the Slide and a fun climb, Unsure about the Summit, Slide becomes to steep 
Weston Mt.
3,182 (@#peaked Mt) ****, >200, PC, T, PG
Hopkins Mt.
3,150 *****, ~180 (360t?), PUC, Ts, PG Awesome view south of  the Dixes, Ausable Valley Mountains, Great Range. Very Photogenic summit. Mossy Cascade Brook Trail tends to wander aimlessly, lots of downed trees makes it hard to get to the waterfall. The Ranney trail may be the better choice (though it might not exist anymore). There looked like there could be views to the north but I couldn't find any way through the trees on the summit. The Trail seemed to end at the summit so the one that goes over spread eagle mountain may not exist anymore.
Second Brother
(#Big Slide) 3,117, *****, >200 ,JP,T, PG Great View of The Great Range, Giant and down to the 1st Brother
Loon Lake #3 (#Loon Lake#1) 3,082
Bald Peak 3,035 *****, 360,PC,T, PG-13 Higher Vertical rise than many of the 4000 footers. Very Steep.
(#Swart) 3,015
First Brother
.(#Big Slide) 3,000 *****, 360, JP, T, PG Great view of the Great Range, Giant & cliffs of Porter
Sawtooth #11
(#Sawtooth #1) 2,986
Whale's Tail Mt.
(#Wright) 2,936 No *'s, none, DS, B, R Some screened views half way up during winter, Summit Heavily Wooded
Blueberry Mt.
(#Porter) 2,920 ****, <360, PUC, T, PG Very Steep trail, Because of the ease of climbing Porter from the Cascade trail this trail sees little use.
Fishing Brook #8
(#Fishingbrook #1) 2,877
Fishing Brook #9 (#Fishingbrook #3) 2,874
US Mt.(#@Jay Mt.) 2,854 ***** 360t, DS, B, XX Desolate but beautiful summit
Short Job (#Upper Wolf Jaw) 2,821 **, +oks, PC, T, PG, Good views of  Big Slide and Saddleback
Death Mt
(#Jay) 2,821 **** ~200, DS, B, X
Big Crow
(#Soda Range) 2815, ****,~200, PC, T, G Great little Mt., The Hurricane Rd. bridge is fixed and you can get to the trailhead again. Greats views of Keene Valley & the High Peaks. 
East Inlet Mt.
(#Mt. Sabattis) 2,799
Rooster Comb 2,789
(#Lower Wolfjaw) **** >200(bigmt), JP, T, PG Nice views of Basin + Mt. Marcy + Big Slide. Hedgehog looks like a monster from here.

Nubble (#Giant) 2,756 *****, 360, JP, T, PG Views are almost as good from here as on the top of Giant. Awesome views on the great range, Chapel Pond pass and Giant Mountain. Be careful could be dangerous when wet.

Sawtooth #15 (#Sawtooth #2) 2,595
Owl's Head Lookout
(#Green) 2,529 ****,  >200 ,PC, T, PG Good view of the slides on Giant, Rocky Peak Ridge, Hurricane, Knob Lock and The Champlain Valley
Sawtooth #18 (#Sawtooth #3) 2,507
Sawtooth #19 (#Sawtooth #11) 2,461
Dead Horse Mt (#West Creek Mt) 2,411

Round Pond Lookout (#Round Mt) 2,034 ***, ~180, DS, B, PG-13 The Cliffs seen on the North Side of Round Pond. Short Bushwhack. Great Views of Dix, East Dix, Hoffman and Round Pond
Blueberry Cobbles (#Bald Peak) 2,034 *** ,360t, PC, T, PG Great views of Bald Peak and Rocky Peak and Pleasant valley. You have to search around to find the hidden overlook to the north.

ese rules technically Arstrong, Upper Wolfjaw, Donaldson & Emmons are not mountains. They each have one side that rises less then 300 feet.

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