How not to be a Rude and Inconsiderate

Yes we all know the basic rules of going out into the wilderness such as Take only pictures and leave only footprints. And your guide book and selective trails have the basic rules printed out for you. As more & more people head out to the wilderness here is a basic Etiquette to make everyone's experience better.

#1 Don't Hog The Summit

People climb mountains to get to the summit, not to almost get there. If you climb to the top of a mountain and decide to sit down & hang out for awhile (have lunch or rest or whatever) don't do it on the actual summit. I am not saying leave the summit area just go off to the side a little bit just don't sit on the actual top. There is nothing more annoying then after hiking uphill for miles to find a bunch of people crammed on the top with their gear spread out. Everyone want's their picture taken from the summit and they don't want your group and your gear in that picture. Now I know this is unavoidable on smaller summit areas (Such as Mt. Jo or Giant), but on large summit areas with many fine viewing areas (like Cascade or Ampersand) there is no reason for it and you are just being rude if you do this. Go to the summit, enjoy your views, get your picture taken, but if other people are there please be considerate.

I write this after a bad experience on Ampersand Mt. The Summit area of Ampersand is big (a few acres) and open and there are view spots 360 degrees around. The Actual summit is a small knob that juts up in the middle of this open area. A group of 12 from Gordon College climbed the same day I did and decided to have their picnic on the actual summit. They sat down all around the summit and spread out all their gear. Despite the fact that many people kept walking thru them, they stayed put. There presence ruined any chance of someone getting a good picture of themselves on the summit. Many other Hikers who I talked to were real upset and left, I stayed for a while hoping they would leave. After 45 minutes of waiting (they were there long before I got there to) they finished eating instead of leaving they all took out books and started to read!!!!!! This was my 1st time I climbed Ampersand and I heard good things about it and was looking forward to it And despite the views they ruined my mountain climbing experience. At the trail register two people left them a nasty note. The 1st just call them "A@#@!#s" and the 2nd who I would like to shake their hand wrote

"The Next time you Pricks decide to climb a mountain don't hog the summit, There was many places you could have had your picnic near the summit, nobody could get a picture of themselves on the summit because all your ugly mugs were there. You rude and inconsiderate bastards ruined everyones wilderness experience"  

This has happened to me a few times on other mountains. I suggest if this happens to you write the same thing..

If you didn't know this basic courtesy now you do.