Weather Tid Bits

Ice Climbers on Pitchoff

*We have only three seasons in the Adirondacks. July, August and Winter*

* If you like the Current weather in the Adirondacks just wait an hour it will change*

* If you don't like the Current weather in the Adirondacks just go to the next town the weather will be different

* Go south if you like snow. Not including the tops of mountains over 3000', In general the more north you go in the Adirondacks the less snow you get over the year. The reason: The south is more affected by Lake Effect snow coming off the Great Lakes then the North. Also in the north it often gets to way to cold to snow.*  

* " They Have Six months of Hard winter & Six months of awfully cold weather" *

Attributed to a British Soldier writing home while stationed in the Adirondacks during the revolutionary war

* They growing season above 1000 feet  in the Adirondacks is only 100 days *

* How Wrong they were!! Many early settlers in the Adirondacks were convinced the Adirondack wilderness could be tamed for farming*


"The Land could support a million people" Reverend John Todd

"There is a good deal of tolerable land in this region. But a good deal more that is intolerable" Joel T. Handley 1844


"Cold heavy Frost and grass frozen stiff - potatoes killed - oats & rye not yet ripe" William Redfield written in August 1836

"I will settle this land or settle myself" John Brown's(the founder of Brown university) son in law upon taking over 210,000 acres. A year later Broke & Starving he shot himself.

* Adirondack Urban Legend *

This one might not be true I heard it at a bar. Some guy named (insert your favorite redneck name here) Really loved his truck. He washed it every Sunday no matter how cold it got. Then in January the temperature dropped down to -35. Still determined to wash his prize truck he took a bucket of Water. When he threw the water at the truck, Midair between the bucket and the Truck the water froze solid. So instead of water gently washing the body of the truck, solid Ice pelleted it. So instead of a sparkling clean truck, the ice dented & Scratched it up. (Adirondack Urban? Kinda of a Oxymoron isn't it?) 

The Average First Snow Fall for the Adirondacks occurs on October 10. (This is for Plattsburgh, so there is usually snow much earlier than that on the mountain tops). So while most people in the Northern USA dream of a White Christmas, We up here in the Adirondacks Dream of a White Halloween.

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