Many people have claimed to have seen Champ the Lock Ness Monster of Lake Champlain. While many sighting can be explained away as moose swimming across the Lake there are some photos that leave you wondering.

(Moose are excellent swimmers and can & do easily swim across Lake Champlain to & from Vermont. A moose without it's Antlers swimming with it's body submerged looks a lot like a large serpent like monster )  

It's more believable that there is a Monster in Lake Champlain due to it's bigger size and the fact that Lake Champlain is connected to the Atlantic Ocean which means that champ could live out there and migrate here to feed or maybe breed. Here is a quick comparison of the 2 Lakes.

Lake Champlain

Loch Ness


136 miles

24 miles

Greatest Width

12 miles

under 1 mile

Greatest Depth

425 feet

433 feet

Outlet to the Ocean



Once Part of the Ocean



Freezes Over during Winter




Slightly Acidic

Slightly Acidic


Dark Silty Water that you can't see to far in front of you. Even though the Zebra Mussels are Quickly changing this. 

Dark Silty Water that you can't see to far in front of you