Mountain Superlatives

The best of the best, The worst of the worst

These are my picks. I am sure many will argue with me

The Best View (4000 feet and above)


Runner Up

>> Still Thinking

The Best View (3000 feet - 4000 feet)


Runner Up


The Best View (2000 feet - 3000 feet)

>> Pharaoh

Runner Up

>> St. Regis

The Best View (Under 2000 feet)

>> Skiff Mt

Runner Up

>> Raven Hill

Best View (ALL)

Insert Drum roll here

>> Hurricane

Probably going to get a lot of disagreement on this one.

Runner Up


Worst View (ALL)

>> Nye

Easiest (4000+)


Runner Up

>>Porter from Cascade Trail

Easiest (3000 - 4000)

>>Blue Mt.

Runner Up

>> Round Mt.

Easiest (2000 - 3000)

>> Owl's Head (Cascade Lakes)

Runner Up

>> Baxter Mt

Easiest (Under 2000')

>> Belfry Mt

Runner Up

>> Sawyer Mt.

Easiest (ALL)

>> Belfry Mt.

Runner Up

>> Owls Head (Cascade Lakes)

Best Trail (4000+)

>> Rocky Peak Ridge from Pleasent Valley

Runner Up

>> Big Slide via the Brothers

Best Trail (3000+)

>> Pitchoff

Runner Up

>> Nun-Da-Gado

Best Mountain Over All