Adirondack Mountains Under 2000 Ft

(Under 610 meters)

Coon Mt. Summit

Name, Height, Mt., Rating, Field of View, Crowd Factor, How to get there, difficulty rating
Split Rock Mt.(New Russia) 1,959 *** ~180, DS,B, X Great Views South Towards the Dix Range.
Cat Mt.1,955s **(ft?)
Raven Hill 1,925, ****, +oks, DS, B + PV, X Very Hard Mt. to climb. Lots of high rock faces. Hard to get around private land. It's the most prominent peak in the immediate area and you can't miss it once you get off exit 31. For its elevation it is an impressive looking mountain. It has a 1277' foot ascent so it is very steep and it is lined with huge 400 foot cliffs. As of 2005 many of the trees on it's summit look like they are dying so the views might have improved.
Peaked Mountain (Paradox Lake) 1,880s **, One, DS, B + T, PG. The Fun part of this mountain is that you can rent a canoe from the campground. Trail a little steep at the end but relatively easy. There is only a small veiwing area from the summit and it looks like it is growing in. The veiws should be better when the leaves are off the trees as the guidebook suggest but who wants to cross the lake in a canoe when it is that cold.  
Potter Mt. (Pharaoh Lakes) 1,860 ***. +oks, DS, B, R Relatively straight forward bushwhack, Good view of the surrounding area
Belfry Mt 1,820 ****(ft), one, puc, T, G Short hike with great rewards. Easiest Mountain in the Adirondacks to climb.
Catamount (Carry Falls Reservoir) 1,820s(ft?)
Skiff mt. 1,740s ****, ~180, DS, P, PG Excellent Views of Marcy, the Central Mountains & The Pharoah Lake Wilderness
Cobble Hill 1,740,,,,Pv Towers over the village of Elizabethtown
Unnamed (Lincoln Pond) 1,686, *** +oks, DS, P, PG-13 Great view of Lincoln Pond and good views of Rocky Peak Ridge and Dix. Path mostly easy to follow, some difficult parts near the summit. It is deserted off season when the campground is closed, may be more popular when it's open. You have to search about for the views Northwest to RPR and Dix.
Makomis Mt. 1,662, **** ~180, DS, Pv, X, Great View of the Dix & Giant ranges. Unfortunately the summit area is now closed. The path is no longer is used much and due to icestorm "Blowdown" has become very difficult to follow.
Party Hill 1,653
Bigelow Mt. 1,644 **, ~180, DS, B, R Across the road from Poko-moonshine
Mt. Severance 1,638s ***, ~180, PC, T, G Good views of Schroon Lake & Paradox Lake
Mt. Discovery (Lewis) 1,577s All Rock on the south side
Mt. Gilligan 1,520 ***, ~180, puc, T, PG Great View of Bald Peak & Rocky Peak Ridge
Unnamed(HELLO MT.) 1,240s *, ~180, DS This Mountain has the Famous Hello sign seen from the Northway. Look east Near Mile Marker #70.
South Bouquet Mt. 1,230, no *s, none, DS, Pv, R
Cooks Mt. 1,225 *, one, Puc, T, G One so-so view of Lake George. Very buggy in summer.
Split Rock Mt.(Westport) 937 **, +oks, Ds, T, X Only part of Lake Champlain that is still wild. Eastern Timber Rattlers are here. Trail is very confusing and overgrown. It's Like Hiking in a jungle.
Coon Mt. 925, ****, ~180, Puc, T, G  Weirdest Shaped Mt. Great views of Lake Champlain and Giant, Dix and Jay ranges. There are Eastern Timber Rattlesnakes here be careful during summer.

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