Adirondacks Mountains 3000 ft to 3999 ft

(915 meters - 1219 meters)

Hurricane from Baxter

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Rank Name, Height, Rating, Field of view, Crowd factor, How to get there, Difficulty,Comments
43 MacNaughton Mtn 3,983 *** +oks PUC, P, R First it was under 4000' then it was 4000' now it's under 4000' again.
44 Blake's Peak 3,970 no *'s ,none ,JP, T, PG-13
45 Green Mt. 3,960 no *'s, none, DS, B, XX Potentially dangerous cliffs to get around if you come from the south by the lean-to, though they can be avoided . Very, very steep from the north from Knob Lock/Slide Brook.
46 Cliff Mt. 3,944 no *'s none JP, P, R Peakbaggers only for this long boring walk in the woods.
McDonnel Mtn. 3,940
47t Moose Mt (Lake Placid) 3,898 ****, +oks, DS, T, PG-13, Once called Mount St. Armand. The trail shown on the maps was closed but I have been told via 2 separate Emails the trail has been reopened and the trail is wonderful and very well marked. The work of one member (a former guide) of the Lake Placid Shore Association. Some section have been rerouted, the path is extremely well designed now and with an immense respect of the forest, from 5 feet away it is impossible to notice. Slide formed in 1995 on the NW side and is possibly still growing, from Moose pond  (as of 7/05) the slide still looks unstable & dirty and it may be a couple of more years before it's safe to attempt .
47t Snowy Mt 3,898 *****(FT), 360t, JP, T, PG-13 The Mt. Marcy of the Southern Adirondacks. Arguably the most beautiful mountain in the Adirondacks after Gothics. Fire tower recently fully restored.
49 Lost Pond Peak 3,891 *****, <360(bigmt), DS, B, X, One of the High Peaks best kept secrets, 3 Choice Bushwhacks to get here. The longest but easiest is to follow Roaring Brook from the N-P trail all the way up, A steep and extreme bushwhack can be done by "Making a right" at the 2nd lean-to on the Indian Pass trail and fighting your way up or if you are really daring I've heard of it being done by coming over from Street.  
50t Blue Ridge (Indian Lake) 3,881, **, one, DS, B, XX Fairly easy walking, but long. One view from near the top. An interesting feature is a military plane crash on the side of the peak. BE RESPECTFUL, 3 airman died there (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the info ).  The crash occured September 20, 1944 and it took 11 months to find the crashsite
50t Kilburn Mt 3,881 **** ~180, DS, B, XX Great views from the Slide on it's unnamed lower summit, There is no view from the actual summit, but there is a viewing ledge (and the view IS spectacular) which is about 30-35 feet from the true summit and is west on a rough bearing of 280ish degrees. Hard to miss from the true summit.(Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the update).
52 North River Mt. 3,878 *****,~180, DS, B+PV, XX The summit of the mountain isn't on private land but the only reasonable ways to get to it are. This is why you B-whack..... Awesome summit and difficult enough that when you reach the summit you will be rewarded with a pleasant natural view. (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the info). 
53 Nye Mt 3,871 no *s ,none, PC, P, R Head Path now easy to follow. I've been told Hurricane Floyd has actually created a view on the way up
54 Panther Mt.(Indian Lake) 3,862,,,,PV?
55 Sentinel Mt. 3,858 no *s, none, DS, B, X - The NY DEC website claims this mountain "has good views of the surrounding area" - That's news to me as I climbed it and didn't see a thing and a separate email I received awhile ago also said there are none, so the views (if they actually exist) might be hard to find or have been newly created (Gift from Floyd?), though there looks like there could be a nice view spot on the SE knob (892 Meter BM) so they maybe talking about that. 
Rist Mt. 3,858
Howard Mt 3,848
56 Raker Pk 3,839 (Sawtooth #1) ****, >200, DS, B, XX Highest Peak in the Sawtooth Range, Check my legend for rankings for the Sawtooth range.
57t Avalanche Mt. 3,832,****,d180, DS, B, R Just looks so tiny next to Algonquin, Avalanche Mt is an easy bushwhack through mostly open woods all the way to the summits if one follows the ridge, the view 20' past the summit is outstanding. There are views as well all along the hike when the leaves are gone from the trees. From the summit the views of Colden and Algonquin slides are specially striking.
57t McKenzie Mtn.3,832, ****, d180, PUC, TS, PG-13 Long but it's a reasonable hike along a very good trail to a view that blows 1/2 (at least) of the high peak views away. Great hike considering the view over Lake Placid (village and lake). (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the update)
59 T.R. Mt. 3,822, **, +oks, DS, B, X Previously Unnamed located near Marcy Dam, Governor Pataki named it after Teddy Roosevelt a frequent visitor to the Adirondacks. Easy bushwhack from the Van Hoevenberg trail. A view of Tabletop & Phelps can be found on the NE but it's not really worth searching around for, Views can be found down towards Marcy Dam NW on the cliffs on the lower summit but these cliffs make it hard to go up or down this way.
60 Lyon Mt. 3,820s, *****(FT), ~180, Puc, T, PG The International Mt. Best Views of Montreal, The furthest North of the Big ones. Very hard to find the trailhead so measure your miles carefully.  Very pretty forest on the summit. 
61 Averill Peak 3,803s,,,,Pv 
62 Couchsachraga 3,793, *, one, PC, P, R No Mountain is made more fun of. Once Thought to be over 4000' but there are 19 mts under 4000' that are higher
63 Buell Mt 3,779
64 Boreas Mt. 3776 ****, >200,Pv, PG No longer has Access for the public. Awesome views of the high peaks from the south, fire tower long gone.
65 Cutter(Sawtooth #2) 3,773 **** >200,DS, B, XX - Relatively easy Bushwhack from Raker, with a view just as good.
Pinnacle (NE Peak) 3,773
66 Wakley 3,766 **(FT), one, DS, T, Has the tallest Fire Tower, Has a Helicopter Pad on it.Wakely tower is now open and in excellent condition. Very Stable even in strong winds, Cabin as of 9/03 still without windows
67 Blue Mt. 3,760 *(FT) , none, JP, T, PG Despite what is written in all the guide books, There are no views from the ground level on the summit, only views are from the tower. Very crowded there is often a long line for the tower. Unless you really like Firetowers and come during mid-week offseason you will have a miserable time on this one. 
Sawtooth #2S 3,740
Unnamed (West of Mt. Donaldson) 3,734
68t Lewey Mt. 3,727, no *'s, one, DS, B, X. The forest getting to this summit is reasonably open and it's not the worst bushwhack out there. However, with that said I give it the R++ rating with the plus's based soley on the effort/reward factor. Not much of a reward (zero view) for this one, other than to say you did it. One or two views through trees (winter only)on the way up is it. (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the info)
68t Wallface 3,727 ****, >200, PUC, X & RC, Highest Rock Face in the eastern USA, No views from the summit but a lot of good overlooks
70 Henderson Mt. 3,707, no *'s, none, DS, B, X.
71 Hoffman Mt. 3,704, *, +oks, DS, B, XX Long, extreme bushwhack, I couldn't find any views the way I went (via Platt Brook) but I have been told via email if you come over from Blue Ridge there is a tiny view through the trees during winter and another email said "The approach from Big Pond has views of Scroon Lake along east side of ridge- and more hardwood, less pine thickets. Also partial view of Elk Lake and high peaks 5 minutes north of summit".
72 Sawtooth #3 3,694
73 Cheney Cobble 3,684,,,,PV - The summit of the mountain isn't on private land but the only reasonable way to get to it is. Cheney is like a medeviel fortress. It's summit is gaurded by a significant band of cliffs. Wooded summit, but there are some really NICE overlooks if you look around. Very thick bushwhack. (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the info)
74 Hurricane Mtn 3,678 *****(FTc) 360, JP,TS, PG The Great View of The High Peaks & Lake Champlain even with the fire tower closed. Arguably this Mountain has the best view in the Adirondacks, it's definitely in the top 5. Fire tower has been slated to be removed but it is still there.
75 Little Moose Mt. 3,632 no *'s, none, DS, B, XX Ugly forest and no views on the summit but pretty tiny pond about halfway up.
76 Sunrise Mt. 3,619 ***** <360, PUC, Pv,  PG Spectacular Views, But you have to be a guest at Elk Lake to climb this peak via the trail or attempt it via an extreme bushwhack from Macomb or the West Mill Brook Valley
77t Saddleback Mt.(Jay range) 3,615 *****, <200, DS, B, X Highest peak  in the Jay range, from the east this mountain looks like a Volcano. Via email: Open deciduious forest makes for easy travel and many open ledges give views as you go, Fun Peak. Be careful where you start, lots of property issues down low.  (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the update)
77t Stewart Mt.(Sentinels) 3,615 *, +oks, DS, B, XX Very difficult and thick bushwhack to this lonely peak. Better views than expected (which is none), both along the way and up high. Very dangerous cliffs to navagate  (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the info)
79 Calamity mt. 3,607
80 Pillsbury 3,602 ***(FTc), >200, PUC, T, PG One decent view across the Moose river Plains. Very Steep most of the way. The fire tower top part is closed but you can still walk up the stairs for a 360° view. (Thanks to TW for the Update) 
81 Dun Brook Mt. 3,589,,,,PV The summit of this mountain is on private land
82t Jay Peak 3,576, *****, 360, DS, P or B??, R Don't do this or other mountains in the Jay range without the Lewis Quadrangle 1978 metric map, The 1955 standard map (the ones used by the ADK) is very inaccurate. Cool rocky summit, it's like walking on the moon. Very long bushwhack between summits. There has been a rumor that there will be a trail someday, but it has yet to materialize though I have been told via several emails that a clear herd path has formed on the route.
82t Slide Mt.(Sentinels) 3,576, ***. ~180, DS, B, X(SE)/XX(SW) Very steep coming from where the lean-to was (it's no longer there) on the trail to South Notch. Easy and open bushwhack from the Jackrabbit trail (ADK Rock & River, Alstead Hill/Shackett road). Two summits on this one, one (SW) has great views from Giant to Algonquin. the other (NE) is the true summit and it has no views. (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the update)
84 Gore 3,563 **** <360,JP,T, PG-13 Ski Center, very long and steep trail. As of 2005 the firetower is still there but with electrical stuff on it and off limits to the public (Thanks to Rik for the update).
85 Noonmark Mtn 3,556 *****  360, JP, TS, PG A Little mountain surrounded by giants but what a view. Very steep coming from the Ausable Club, longer but easier from the Dix trail.  
86 Fishing Brook Mt (Fishing Brook #1) 3,547, The summit of this mountain is on private land
Unnamed (Boreas Peak North) 3,547  
87 Mt Adams 3,520 no*(FTc), none DS,P, PG  No views without the fire tower. Fire tower still standing but in really bad shape, There are plans to remove it but no date set. Rolled chicken wire around base of tower to prevent climbing. The trail appears to still be in part maintained for hikers.
88 Little Santanoni Mt 3,504 No *'s, none, DS, B, X Like I said no view, but I went on a rainy day and saw none. It's in the trees but a sunny day might provide more. B-whack from Ermine is fun and not bad at all. The mountain is an X in difficulty only in that it's 8 mile walk to Ermine Brook and the start of the hike. LONG and TIRING  (Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the info)
89 Pitchoff (Sentinels) 3,497 ***** 360t(bigmt) , PC,T, PG 5 summits, lots of open rock and boulders. Lots of ups & downs. Very steep in some places. Now has a "mini-slide" on the way to balancing rocks. A fun mountain to climb. I would rate it's difficulty a PG-13 if you do the whole thing.
Unnamed (Closest NW Seward Mtn.) 3,481
90 Fishing brook #2 3,468 Highest peak without an offical name
91 Blue Ridge (NE of Dishrag Pond, (ADK Blue Mt. Lake)) 3,465 *, one, DS, B, X Relatively easy approach through an open forest from Cascade Pond in winter (the stream may be swampy and hard to follow at other times of year). May also be done from the campground off the N-P trail or Wilson Pond if you want to attempt both Blue Ridge summits.
92 Blue Ridge(N of Hoffman,ADK (Schroon lake)) 3,468, No *'s, none, DS, B, XX
93t Morgan mt. (wilmington) 3,458 ***, one, DS, B, PG-13 The easiest Big Mt. bushwhack in the Adirondacks Not much to be seen from the summit. I've been told via email that there is 5 minutes South of the summit is an open ledge, easy to find, with spectacular views of Esther, Whiteface, the Sentinels and Jay Ranges, Lake Champlain, Vermont, etc.
93t Wilmington Range 3,458 **, +oks, DS, P, R On the opposite side of Copper Kill there is a easily followed herd path to the summit. There is only a few peeks here and there, but it's an easy mountain.(Thanks to Mavs00 @ for the info)
95t Puffer Mt. 3,451
95t Unnamed(E of hornet Notch) 3,451,,,, East & above Hornet Notch. 
97t Cellar Mt.(cedar river flow)3,445
97t Sawtooth #5 3,445 ,,,,XX - The newer metric maps put Sawtooth #5 as being higher than #4
99 Wolf Pond Mt.(S of Boreas) 3,442
100 Bullhead Mt. 3,432 Plane crash from 1945 can be found on this mountain
101 Blue Ridge(NW Dishrag Pond,ADK(raquette Lake)) 3,428,,,
102 Brown Pond Mt. 3,419
103t Sawtooth #4 3,415 ,,,,XX The newer metric maps put Sawtooth #4 as being lower than #5
103t Unnamed(East of Seymour)3,415
North Notch Peak
105 Vanderwacker 3,409 ***(ft), one, PC, T, PG, Tiny viewing area from summit. Excellent views of the High Peaks from the tower, really crappy road to the trailhead.
Bear Den Mtn. 3,399
106 Fishing Brook #3  3,396
Unnamed (Far NW of Seward Mtn) 3,392
107 Fishing Brook #4  3,389
Sawtooth #8 3,386
Sawtooth #9 3,379
Wallface Ponds Peak 3,379
108 Cellar Mt (Indian Lake) 3,369
109 Big Range Mt 3,366
110 Little Lyon Mt 3,365s,,,B
South Meadow Mtn 3,360
111 Ausable #4 3,353 ****,>360, DS, B, X Open forest bushwhack from Hurricane Road with 30 feet waterfall just below the last col before the final climb to the summit. Long open rock ledge on the summit with High Peaks views to the South and to east. Harder approch is (or was?) possible from the north with a few knobs that have striking views towards Lake Champlain. Another possible way to get to this mountain that I've heard about is coming over from the west from Crow Mountain Clearing
112 Kempshall 3,346, no *'s, none, DS, T, PG-13 Firetower gone since the early 1970's, There is a sign that says "trail closed" but it is believed that all this means is that the trail is no longer maintained because Kempshall is on state land not private. There are no views & the trail is somewhat hard to follow. (Thanks to GY for the info)
Loch Bonnie Peak 3,346
Unnamed (E of Morgan Mtn) 3,327
Unnamed (W of Ausable #4) 3,327
113 Loon Lake #1 3,320s(ft) ,Pv
114t Ampersand 3,314 *****, 360, JP, T, PG Bordering between Mountain & Lake country gives this peak one of the best views in the Adirondacks. Firetower long gone, only pillars remain. Unfortunately Lots of Graffiti on the summit
114t Slip Mtn.(Jay Range) 3,314 **** >200, DS, B, XX Killer cliff
West Couchsachraga 3,314
116 Debar Mt 3,300s ** ,+oks, PUC,T, PG, A lot was lost when the Firetower was removed. Deserted off season may be more crowded when the campground is open.
117 Tripod 3,297 ***,+oks, DS, B, X There are fine view spots, I found them easily enough, though I guess I was lucky because other people have told me they couldn't find any.
118t Eleventh Mt. 3,291, no *'s, none,  DS, B, X - There are great 4 star views from the cliffs,  though if you go to them they are not a good way to get to the summit, not a thing to be seen from the summit.  
118t South Pond Mt. 3,291
Sawtooth #10 3,284
Wyman Mt. 3,281
Pinnacle Ridge (SW Peak) 3,281 
120 Squaw Mt. 3,255
121 Kitty Cobble (Kitty #1) 3,251
122 Crane 3,240s ***** ~180, JP, T, PG, Short but very steep. This has been called the greatest Adirondack Mountain by many including Barbara McMartin, It's a great mountain no doubt but I don't agree about it being the best. There are no views to the North despite what written in the guide books. Crane Mountain pond looks like a cool place to camp. 

I did  recieve these via Email

There are several good views to the north if you make the easy bushwhacks up the North Knob (the cliff-faced knob above the pond) or Bates Ridge (the ridge along the southwestern edge of the pond). The High Peaks views are great from the latter, especially if you bushwhack farther west down the steep nw slope.

& another one

Crane Mountain pond is not a cool place to camp, if you jump in Crane pond you will come out covered in leeches


Hamilton 3,238(FT?),,,,Pv Warning. The old owner permitted hikers to cross his land to get to this mountain, I have been told that the new owner doesn't and has been known to pull a gun on hikers and/or have them arrested if they try to cross

123t Unnamed (Fishingbrook #5) 3,238
125 Payne Mt. 3,232
126 Dug Mt. 3,228 - There is a Silver mine (Yes, There's apparently silver in the Adirondacks) you can get to, but the Summit on Private Property
127 Peaked Mt.(Soda Range) 3,225 No *'s, none, DS, B, X The View is great from the trail over it's Lower Slopes called Weston Mt, so unless you are peakbagging there is no reason to bushwhack up to this viewless Peak
128 Mt. Alton 3,215
129 Unnamed (Sentinels/ South Notch)  3,212 *, one, DS, B, X (north)/XX(south). This mountain appears to be unnamed but on the Metric maps there is a benchmark with the name "Sentinel" on it. Releatively straight forward bushwhack from the North from South Notch, Killer (Impossible) cliffs from the South from Old military road, some views toward Algonquin coming up from the south, not a thing from the summit. Though there maybe a (new?) veiwspot on the western side of the mountain.
130t Burgess Mt. 3,192
130t Knob Lock 3,192 ***** 360, DS, B, X Lots of blowdown and spruce traps,  Two pretty waterfalls, This Mountain is one of the High Peaks best kept secret.
132 Chase Mt. 3,186 *****(bigmt) >200, DS, B, X Short little bushwhack, Nice Notch and great views from the summit 
133t Loon Lake #2 3,183s
133t Unnamed (NE of Moose Mt, Lake Placid)) 3,183
135t Texas Ridge 3,176
135t Unnamed (Sunrise Notch) 3,176
137t Catamount 3,169 ***** <360, PC, T, PG -13 Lots & Lots of bare open rock, a fun mountain to climb,
137t Spruce Lake Mountain 3,169
139 Kitty #2 3,163
140 Kitty #3 3,159
141 Bradley Mt 3,146
142 Mt. Morris 3,136 (FT?)  **, <360, DS, PV, PG Ski Center, now closed down. This Mountain is now closed and off limits to the public. 
143 Unnamed (NE of Panther (Indian Lake)) 3,133
144 Tongue Mt (Fishingbrook) 3,130
145 Pete Gay Mt 3,127
146 County Line Mt. 3,110
147 Soda Range (Nun-Da-Gao) 3,107 *****, 360t, DS, T, PG-13 The Best Loop in the Adirondacks, lots of ups & downs. According to the map the trail doesn't go to the true summit but I couldn't find anywhere higher. 
148 Mt. Tarmarac 3,104,,, B
149 Swart Mt 3,094
150 T Lake #1 (Unnamed N of T Lake) 3,091
151t Mt Andrew 3,084
151t Round Mt. 3,084 ****, d180 (Bigmt), PUC, Ts, PG Basically the same view as Noonmark Less Crowded. ~1000' Vertical Rock Face across from Chapel Pond. Favorite Ice climbing site. Noonmark blocks out some views of the great range .
153 T Lake Mt (T Lake #2) 3,071 no *s, none, DS, B, X, Very deadly waterfall on this mountain, lots of rescues happen here. There was a firetower but it's long gone. (Stats via email)
154 Scarface 3,058 * One, PC, T, PG Really two overlooks but they overlook the same thing so it really counts as one. The overlooks are though the trees and not very impressive. In a few years I am sure the trees will totally block out the view. No views what so ever from the summit. The best part is that it has the most elaborate bridge near the beginning of the trail.
155 Washburn Ridge 3,054
156 Bailey Hill 3,051 *, one, DS , B, R, Unmaintained Trail past the Pond is very over grown and difficult to follow
157 Stony Creek Mt. 3,041 No *'s, None, DS, B, X No view, and some blowdown on the ridge. Some fascinating abandoned squatters' camps on ridge. Woods on rt 3 side is same wonderful Beech/Yellow Birch/ Hemlock blend as north slope of Ampersand (Thanks to ZH for the info)
158t Niagara Mt. 3,018, **** >200, DS, B, X Another great secret of the High Peaks, easy bushwhack from Camels Hump
158t Nippletop Mt. 3,018, ***** 360, DS, B, XX Hangs over the Northway south of the High Peaks rest area, Awesome views from the Southern Summit, no views on the Northern.
160t Kitty #7 3,012
160t Three Ponds Mt. 3,012, **, one, DS, B, X.
160t Van Dorrien mt. 3,012
163 Macomber Mt. 3,005

I checked every map and I can't find anymore????

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Lyon Mt.

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