Adirondack Mountains 2000 ft to 2999 ft

(610 meters - 914 meters)

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Pharaoh Mt. from Skifft Mt.

Rank Name,Height, Rating,Field of view,crowd factor,How to get there,comments
164 T Lake #3  2,995
165t Height of Land Mt. 2,992
165t West Canada Mt. (West Canada #1) 2,992
165t Unnamed (E. of Northrup Lake) 2,992
168t Grass Mt. 2,989 Was over 3000 feet on the 1955 maps, now it's under
168t Moose Mt.(W. of Newcomb Lake) 2,989
168t Humphrey Mt. 2,989, **, +oks, pc, P+B, R The old garnet mine is more of target than the summit
171 Unnamed (Sw of Street) 2,986
172 Kunjamuk Mt. 2,979
173t Twin Lakes Mt. (T Lakes #4) 2,976
173t T Lakes #5  2,976
173t Wilmurt Mt. 2,976
176 T Lakes #6  2,972
177 Noisy Ridge 2,969
178 Speculator 2,966
179 Tirrell Mt. 2,963 Unnamed on 1955 maps
180 Black Mt. (Sentinels) 2,959 No *'s, none, DS, B, X
181 Wilson Ridge 2,956
182t Unnamed (SE of Mt. Alton) 2,953
182t West Canada #2  2,953  
184t Hayes Mt 2,940
184t Mt. Hoevenberg 2,940 **** ~180, PC, Ts, PG, Same view as Mt. Jo & Phelps, with a better view of Gothics
184t Sand Pond Mt. 2,940
184t Three Peaks (Sawtooth #12) 2,940
188 Blue Hills(Mud Ponds) 2,936
189t Big Burn Mt. 2,930
189t Kitty #8  2,930
191t Beaver Mt. 2,926
191t Rock Pond Mt. 2,926
193 Unnamed (S of Spoon Lake) 2,923
194 Bluff Mt 2,920
195t Buck Mt. (e. of Mt. Morris) 2,917
195t Unnamed (E. of Big Range) 2,917
197t Mt.Blue (Garnet Lake) 2,913 *** ,>200, DS, B + Bt, X Yes, amazingly a mountain with the word "Blue" in it's name that actually has good view. Steep Bushwhack, lots of rock faces to get around. Great view of Crane Mt. and vicinity. Easier to get to in winter when you can walk across Garnet Lake, summer you need a boat.
197t Peaked Mt.(Peaked mt. pond) 2,913 **, >200, PUC, T, PG13 
197t West Mt. (Raquette Lake) 2,913
197t Unnamed (North River Mts) 2,913,,,, Sw of Rist Mt.
197t Hour Pond Mt. 2,913, No *'s, none, DS, B, R.
197t Seventh Lake Mt. 2,913,,,,, Colvin made winter ascent Feb 15 1877 and shot a pather
203t Sable Mt. 2,910s,,,,B
203t Kitty #9  2,910
205 Jones Mt. (Kitty #10) 2,907
206 Mt. Sabattis 2,904
207t Unnamed (S of Noonmark) 2,900
207t Haystack Mt. (E. of Norton) 2,900s
209 Onion Hill 2,894
210 Moss Cliff 2,887
211 Slide Mt.(NE peak mt pond) 2,881,** ,one,  DS, B, R. No view from the summit Some views may be had from open ledges along top of south face
212 Mt. Jo 2,877 ****, ~180, JP, T, G Great Views little effort
213t Haystack Mt.(Mckenzie) 2,874 ****, ~180, PC, T, PG Excellent views of the distant High peaks. Bizarre design of the trail. Why it goes the way it does is beyond me. You can see almost all of the 46 High peaks from here.
213t St. Regis Mt. 2,874 *****(FTc),>200, PC, T, PG Great Lake Views & of the distant High Peaks and the vast NW frontier. Firetower is closed but who cares, no views are lost.
213t West Canada #3  2,874
213t Unnamed (e. of Kibby Pond) 2,874 no *'s, none, DS, B, X. Note: the X approach is from Kibby Pond--it is undoubtedly much easier to approach from the Bartman Road.
217t Baldhead Mt. (Stony Creek) 2,870s, ***, d180, DS, B, R.
217t Norton Peak 2,870s **, +oks, Puc, B, R Has A Cave to Explore, Unfortunately lots of graffiti on the walls
219t Baldface Mt.(Debar pond) 2,867s, ***, >200, DS, B, R. Lots of open rock. Easy bushwhack.
219t Blue Ridge Mt. (3 ponds) 2,867
221 Kitty #12  2,864
222t Buckhorn Mt (NE of Macomber). 2,854
222t Kitty #13  2,854      
222t Page Mt 2,854
222t Stacy Mt. 2,854
222t Sugarloaf Mt. (Three Ponds) 2,854
227t Kate Mt. (West Summit) 2,841, ***, >200, DS, B, R. Extensive views south across the Saranac Intramontane Basin to the High Peaks.
227t Unnamed (w of Andrew) 2,841
229t Baldwin Mt. 2,838
229t Unnamed (SE of Big Range) 2,838
231t Moose Mt.(Stony Creek) 2,831s, ***, 360t(Bigmt), DS, B, R. View south blocked by Baldhead.
231t West Canada #4  2,831
233 Little Blue Mt. (Blue Mt Lake) 2,825 *,one, DS,B,X Short, Somewhat Steep Bushwhck, Some screened views from a small slide,  none from the summit
234 T Lake #7  2,815
235t Kitty #15  2,812
235t Owl's Head (long Lake) 2,812 (FTc) ***, ~180, PC, T, PG. Fire tower slated to be restored but as of 7/02 it is falling apart and dangerous. Small summit veiwing area. Trail seems much longer than the stated 3.1 miles but still a releatively easy climb. 
237 Kitty #16  2,808
238 Moose Mt. (3 ponds) 2,805
239 Round Top (NE of Wakely) 2,802
240 Loon Lake #4 2,800s
241t Green Mt. (Minerva, SW Summit) 2,799
241t Kettle Mt. (SW summit) 2,799 no *'s, none, DS, B, R
241t Unnamed(E Pilgrim Pond) 2,799
244t Crotched Pond Mt. 2,795
244t Horseshoe Mt.2,795
244t Panther Mt.(Kitty #17) 2,795 
244t Unnamed (N. of Cedar Lake) 2,795
248 Elbow Range (NE Summit) 2,792s
249 Camels Hump 2,789 ***** 360, DS, P, X, Great Views of Giant,Dix and Walker valley ranges. Lots of boulders to climb over. 
250 Pilgrim Mt. (SE Pilgrim Pond) 2,785 Highest Mountain in Fulton County
251 Pigeon Mt. (E of county line lake) 2,780s
252t Big 13th Lake Mt. 2,779 ***, >200, DS, B, R.
252t Sugarloaf Mt.(E. of Wakley) 2,779
252t Windfall Mt. 2,779
255 Unnamed (W.of Wilmurt Lake) 2,776 Bethune Mt is the lower summit
256t Pitchoff (Hurricane) 2,772 *** one, DS, B, X, Vertical Cliff seen from Rt. 9N, Good veiws from an open area SE of the summit and the cliffs, not much from the summit.
256t Round Mt (Grassy River) 2,772
258t Metcalf Range 2,769
258t Pigeon Roost 2,769
260t Grampus Lake Mt.2,766
260t Unnamed (Higher summit bearpin peak) 2,766 Many Summits, Bearpin Peak only one with a name, highest peak unnamed
262t Kitty #19  2,762
262t Pine Pond Mt. 2,762 Unnamed on Metric Maps 
262t Spruce Mt. (n. of Wilmut Lake) 2,762
265 Twin Mt. 2,759
266t East Mt.(SE of dug) 2,756
266t Tenant mt. 2,756 (FT?) Highest Mountain in Saratoga County
266t Unnamed (e. of Pilgrim mt) 2,756
269 Black Mt.(Bakers Mills L) 2,746
270 Ragged Lake Mt. 2,740s
271 Kate Mt (East Summit) 2,739
272t Cross Mt 2,736
272t Piseco Mt. 2,736
274 Duncan Mt. 2,729s *, one, DS, B, X One screened view towards Silver Lake
275 Sawtooth #13 2,723
276t FloodWood Mt. (Indian Lake) 2,720
276t Mt. Tom (Plumadore Range) 2,720s
276t Wallace Mt. 2,720
279t North Branch Mt. 2,717
279t Panther Mt (Echo Cliff) 2,717
281 Chimney Mt (W of Bullhead) 2,710
282t Moose Mt. (SE of Allen) 2,707
282t Unnamed (NW. of Burgess) 2,707
284t Clear Pond Mt. 2,703 ***, +oks, PV, B, Short & Steep bushwhack, Some good views toward the high peaks in winter, Elk Lake probably doesn't allow access
284t Lookout Mt. (Loon Lake) 2,703s
284t Ragged Mt. 2,703,,,,Pv, Bizarre shaped Mt.on Rt. 2. Hard to image with it's awesome rock faces that it's not more then 3000ft high.
287t Buck Mt. (Hope Falls) 2,700
287t Ellenburg Mt. 2,700s ***,~180, DS, B&P
287t W mt. 2,700s
290t Unnamed (E of Amos Lake) 2,697
290t Unnamed (S. of Snyder Lake ) 2,697 Highest Mountain in Herkimer County, lots of summits everywhere.
290t Unnamed (S. of Buck Pond, wells) 2,697
293t Unnamed (W. of Ampersand) 2,694
293t Unnamed (W. of Seward) 2,694
295 Goodnow Mt. 2,690 *** (FT) one, PC, T, G, There is one decent overlook before the summit, but despite what is written in the guide books there are no good ground level views on the summit only a few screened views, There are good views are from the tower.
296 Mt. Matumbla 2,688s (FT?) Highest Mountain in St. Lawrence County
297 Unnamed (E of Kempshall) 2,687
298 Catlin Mt 2,684
299t Hadley Mt. 2,680s  *****(FT) ~180, JP, T, PG, On a really, really clear day you can see NY's 2 Highpoints Mt. Marcy & Branch Slide of the Catskills
299t Hail Mt. 2,680 - Highest Mountain East of the Northway
299t Ice Cave Mt. 2,680
299t Unnamed (NW of Puffer Pond) 2,680
303t Ross Mt. 2,677
303t Tomany Mt 2,677 (FT?)
303t Unnamed (NE Vanderwhacker) 2,677

2,672 -- Half Mt. Marcy's Height -- 2,672 

306t Pollack Mt. 2,664
306t Mt. Tom (Old Forge) 2,664
308t Buck Mt.(e. of Kempshall) 2,661
308t Little Beaver Mt. 2,661
308t Smith Mt. 2,661
311t Ruby Mt. 2,657 **, +oks, DS, B, X The view rating from the summit must be characterized as poor, but those from outlooks along the southeasterly side are quite extensive--nearly 180 degrees.
311t Thompson Mt. 2,657
311t West Canada #7  2,657
314 Blue Mt (NE Whiteface) 2,654
315 Long Pine Mt. 2,651
316 Spruce Mt. (Stony Creek) 2,650s
317 Mt. Whitney 2,648
318 Potash Mt. (s. of Pilsbury) 2,641
319 Black Mt. (Lake George) 2,640s *****(FTc) +oks, PC, T, PG Awesome Views of the whole Lake George basin and surrounding Mountains. Has a Windmill on top. Firetower fenced in and off limits to the public.
320t Mt. Orrey 2,638
320t Sherman Mt 2,638
320t T Lake #9  2,638 Lots of Summits all over the place, highest summit to the east of the range
320t Unnamed (NW of Ragged) 2,638
324t Morehouse Mt. 2,634
324t Unnamed (W of St. John Lake) 2,634
326 Raymond Hills 2,631
327t Bitch Mt. 2,628
327t Green Mt. (Minerva, NE Summit) 2,628
329t Alford Mt. (Sawtooth #14) 2,625
329t Loon Lake #5 2,625s
329t Peaked Mt. (N. of Blue Mt. Lake) 2,625
329t Unnamed (Macintyre Range) 2,625 ,,,,, Smallest Mountain in the Macintye range
333t Kitty #27  2,621
333t Spurce Mt.(W of sand lake) 2,621
333t Mt. Tom (SW of Bear Pond) 2,621
336t Green Top 2,618
336t Harrington Mt. 2,618
336t Sawyer Mt. 2,618 *, one, PC, T, G, Easy mt. to climb, small viewing area that unfortunately doesn't overlook anything interesting
339t Ely Mt. 2,615
339t Unnamed (N. of Honnedaga Lake) 2,615 Quadruple Summit on the North Shore
341t Alder Brook Mt. 2,612s
341t Blueberry Mt (E. of Kempshall) 2,612 *** +oks, DS,B,R Some good views of Long Lake and Lake Eaton, lots of cliffs to get around but fairly straight forward bushwack.
343 Indian Lake Mt (SW Small Indian Lake(Honnedaga) 2,605
344 Unnamed (NE of Sucker Pond) 2,602
345t Canachagala 2,598
345t Unnamed (E of Little Moose Mt) 2,598
345t Unnamed (E of St John Lake) 2,598
348 Long Tom Mt.(NE of L. Marian) 2,595
349 Lyon #5  2,593s
350 Unnamed (NE of Sargent Ponds) 2,592
351 Slip mt. (Livingston lake) 2,589
352 Silver Lake Mt. (Se Lake Marian) 2,585
353t Scotts Cobble 2,582
353t Unnamed (NE of Terror Lake) 2,582
355t Big Marsh Mt 2,579
355t Unnamed (SW of Barto Lake) 2,579
355t Unnamed (W of Chimney Mt) 2,579
355t Unnamed (N of Little Salmon Lake) 2,579
359t Cherry Ridge 2,576s
359t Wolf Pond Mt. (S of Crane) 2,576s
361 Buck Meadow Mt. 2,572
362 Davis Mt 2,569
363 Ohmer Mt. 2,566
364t T Lake #10  2,562
364t Unnamed (SE of lake Mohegan) 2,562
366t Clements Mt. 2,559 Seen straight ahead coming down the big hill from Cascade Lakes
366t Unnamed (E of Lake Pleasent) 2,559
366t Unnamed (N of Sargent Ponds) 2,559
369t Pharaoh Mt. 2,556s *****, d180, JP, T, PG, Imposing Looking mountain seen from the Northway across Scroon Lake. Great View of the High peaks, Central mountains, and Pharaoh Mt. Wilderness. Firetower long gone but who cares. So far the locals won over the DEC so you can drive down the road and park at Crane Pond.
369t Starbuck Mt. 2,556s
371 Unnamed (S. of Morehouse Mt) 2,552 - Smaller summit named Big Alderbed Mt.
372t Sawtooth #16 2,549
372t State Brook Mt. 2,549
372t Wheeler mt. 2,549
375 Big Hopkins mt 2,543
376 Mud Pond Mt. (Loon Lake) 2,541s
377t Black Bear Mt. (W of Bug Lake) 2,539
377t Cedar Mt (Cedar & Hudson Rivers) 2,539
377t Unnamed (W of Lake Eaton) 2,539
377t Unnamed (W of Garnet Lake) 2,539
377t Unnamed (SE of Zack Pond) 2,539
382 Buck Mt. (Brandreth Lake) 2,536
383 Sawtooth #17 2,533
384t Estelle Mt. 2,529
384t Long Pond Mt. (Santa Clara) 2,529
386 Erebus mt 2,527s
387t Beech Ridge (Elk Lake) 2,526
387t Unnamed (W of Big Sister Lake) 2,526
389t Black Ash mt. 2,523
389t Salmon Lake Mt. (FT?) 2,523
391t Arab Mt. 2,520 ***(FT), none, PC,T,G
391t Lamphere Ridge 2,520
391t Porter Hill 2,520
391t Rice Mt 2,520s
395t Poplar Mt. 2,516
395t Unnamed (NW of Sand Lake) 2,516
397t Fawn Lake Mt. 2,513
397t Jenkins Mt. 2,513, **, One, PUC, T, PG13. Good views along the trail. Note: the trail does not go to the actual summit where the views are poor, but stops at a lookout on the west end of the summit ridge.
399t Boot Bay Mt. 2,510
399t Rogers Mt. 2,510
401t Reservoir Mt 2,503
401t Unnamed (E of Horn Lake) 2,503
403t Azure Mt. 2,500 ****(FT) >200, PUC, T, G Way, Way out there.It takes longer to drive to this mt.than to climb it. Lots of vastness. Fire tower has been or is in process of being restored.
403t Bear Mt. (W. Dog Pond mt) 2,500
403t Cascade Mt 2,500
403t Joseph Mt (Fishingbrook) 2,500
403t Johnson Mt. (E of Lyon) 2,500
403t Little McKenzie 2,500
403t Moose Pond Mt.(E. of Sutton Pond) 2,500
403t Polaris Mt. 2,500
403t Unnamed (E of Baby Lake) 2,500
403t Unnamed (S of Lewey Lake) 2,500 Highest Contour line @ 762m (2500ft), Lower BM off to the side @767m (2516ft), may be in error
403t Unnamed (NE of Mitchell Ponds) 2,500
403t Unnamed (W Silver Dollar Pond) 2,500
403t Unnamed (S of Terror Lake) 2,500
416 Pinnacle 2,496 (W of Chase Lake)
417t Lyon #7 2,493
417t Unnamed (E of St. Regis Mt) 2,493
419 Wolf Pond Mt (SW of Santanoni) 2,487
420t Casey Mt 2,483
420t Unnamed (SW of Shingle Shanty Pond) 2,483
422t Iron Mt (Upper Saranac Lake) 2,480
422t Hogback 2,480
422t Mitchell Ponds Mt 2,480
422t Panther Mt (W of Chase Lake) 2,480
422t Unnamed (Bakers Mills) 2,480
422t Unnamed (NW of Lake Kora) 2,480
428t Oliver Hill 2,477
428t Unnamed (N of Upper Sister Lake) 2,477
430 Catamount Mtn (Loon Lake), 2,475s, ***, >200, DS, B, R
431 Fish Mt 2,474
432t Christian Lake Mt 2,470
432t Seymour (E of Scareface) 2,470
432t West Creek Mt 2,470
432t Unnamed (SW of Barnes Pond) 2,470
436t Burnham Mt.2,467
436t Higley Mt 2,467
436t Willis Mt 2,467
436t Unnamed (SE of Pigeon lake) 2,467
440t Moxham Mt. 2,464 ,,,,Pv+RC, The 3 Awesome 600+ foot vertical rock faces you see south of the JCT of 28N & County Rt. 29 outside of Olmsteadville
440t Winfall Mt. 2,464
440t Unnamed (NWof Sprague Pond) 2,464
443 Summit Mt (Five Ponds, NE Peak) 2,463s
444t Castle Rock 2,461 ***, ~180, PC,T,PG Great view across Blue Mountain Lake. Trail is a little harder than what the guidebook suggest but still releativly easy. Much better than Blue Mountain down the block.
444t Durant  Mt. 2,461
444t Mt. Tom (W of Gull Lakes) 2,461
444t Unnamed (N of Rob Pond) 2,461
444t Unnamed (N of Sprague Pond) 2,461
444t Unnamed (NE of Twitchell Lake) 2,461
444t Unnamed (NE of Vanderwhacker) 2,461
451t Mt. Baker 2,457, **, +oks, JP, T, G Many Lakes in View. Take the left fork at the beginning
451t Unnamed (Far E. of Brandreth Lake) 2,457
453t Hewitt Pond Mt. 2,454
453t Unnamed (W of New Pond) 2,454
453t Unnamed (NE of Perrys Peak) 2,454
456t Unnaned (S of Brandreth Lake) 2,451
456t Unnamed (E of Indian & W Canada rivers) 2,451
456t Unnamed (SW of St. Regis Mt) 2,451
459t Albany Mt 2,447
459t Georgia Mt 2,447
459t Unnamed (E of Jones Lake) 2,447
462 Gooseberry Mt.(W of Santanoni) 2,444
463t Goldsmith Mt. 2,442s
463t Hukleberry Mt 2,442s
463t Little Mt. 2,442s
463t Loon Lake #6 2,442s
467t Balm of Gilead Mt. 2,441
467t Black Bear Mt. 2,441
467t Indian Head (Wells) 2,441
467t Pine Mt (S of G-Lake) 2,441
467t Unnamed (SE of Brandreth Lake) 2,441
467t Unnamed (SW of Razorback Pond) 2,441
473t East Mt (E of Ingraham Pond) 2,440s
473t Flat Top 2,440s
473t Owl Pate 2,440 No *'s, none, DS, B+RC, Nice looking Mt. with the dome you see coming back on rt.2 to the Northway.
473t West Mt (W of Ingraham Pond) 2,440s
477 Dog Pond Mt 2,438
478 Cathead Mt. 2,431, ***(FTc), ~180, PC, T,G
479t Baxter Mt. 2,428, *****, >200, PC, Ts,G Best Views in the Adirondacks for such little Effort. Unfortunately some @%$!# has build a house on the slopes of Tripod, which takes away some of the Wilderness experience, Hope the trees grow back fast. Where is the APA when you really need them.
479t Furance Mt. 2,428  
479t G Lake Mt. 2,428
479t Pine Mt (Page Mt.) 2,428
479t Unnamed (S of Mohegan Lake) 2,428
484t Center Pond Mt. 2,425
484t Golden Stair Mt. 2,425
484t Panther Mt. (Old Forge) 2,425
484t Pine Ridge (S of Crane Mt.) 2,425
488t Figure Eight Mt 2,420s
488t Unnmaed (NW of Eastman Lake) 2,420s
488t Unnamed (S of Plumadore Range) 2,420s
491t Humbug Mt 2,415s
491t Sugarloaf Mt (Western Summit) 2,415s
493t Bay Pond Hill 2,411
493t Long Pond Ridge 2,411
495 Wolf Mt (Wolf Mt) 2,406s
496t Unnamed (West of Shingle Shanty Pond) 2,405
496t Unnamed (S of Willy's Lake) 2,405
498t Bluff Point Hill 2,402
498t Feullard Mt 2,402
498t Seneca Mt. 2,402
498t Unnamed (E of Brandreth Lake) 2,402
498t Unnamed (NE of Perrys Peak) 2,402
498t Unnamed (N of Queer Lake) 2,402
498t Unnamed (NW of Tirrell Pond) 2,402
498t Unnamed (S of Upper Pond) 2,402
498t Unnamed (E of Woods Lake) 2,402
507t Moose Mt (Eagle Lake) 2,400s
507t Twin Mountain 2,400s
507t Wolf Pond Mt. (Ragged Lake) 2,400s
507t Unnamed (N of Holmes Lake) 2,400s

Not going any further with the rankings

Below are the more notable ones

Slide Mt.(Bloomingdale) 2,398
Silver Lake mt. 2,374s ***** ~180, PC, T, G Excellent Views of silver lake & Taylor pond 
## Snow Mt. 2,362 **** , ~180(bigmt), PC, T, PG Smallest mountain in the great range.Excellent Views all around.
Sleeping Beauty 2,347 **** >200, PUC, T, PG From the wide-open summit Lk George (Bolton Landing area)and Tongue Mountain Range are to west, Buck Mtn to south and Green Mtns to east. High Peaks visible in the distant NW. Several good lookouts on the loop trail. (Thanks To AP for the Info)
Fort Noble Mt. 2,342  no *'s, none, DS, P, R Fire tower long gone. Easy to follow path , but in the beginning you have to cross a deep stream by rock jumping, swimming or climbing hand over hand on an old cable.
Topknot Mt. 2,336
Stillwater Mt. 2,267(ft) no *'s, none, DS, T, PG Firetower still there but trees on summit have grown higher than the tower. Trail is starting to disappear, It is about a 20 mintue hike, the hardest part is the last section where it goes almost straight up... and you have to climb the rocks.. (Thanks to guys at Rap-Shaw for the info/update) 
Cat Mt.(Cranberry Lake) 2,260 ****, ~180, PUC, T, PG The approach hike is long but easy. The climb up the mountain is not much harder than walking up a hill in one's local park, but the views that the summit offers some utterly breathtaking views. (Thanks to MF for the info). There was a Firetower on summit but it is gone.
Mt. Fredrick 2,260, ***, ~180, Puc,T, PG
Coney Mt 2,250
Treadway Mt 2,246s **** >200, PUC, T, PG-13 Great open ridge walk, Bad design of the trail, too many pointless ups and down makes this mountain a lot harder than it has to be. Map has this Mt. as 2240 feet on the summit there is a DEC sign saying it's 2246. Went with the DEC. 
Moose River Mt. 2,244(FT?) Firetower is (or was) not on the highest summit
Sawtooth #20 2,231  Lowest Peak in the Sawtooth range
Titusville Mt. 2,204s ***, >200, DS, B, X 450 foot cliff
Panther Mt.(Saranac Lake) 2,199 ***,+oks, PC, T, G
Brewster Mt. 2,193
Kane Mt. 2,180s (FT) **, none, PUC, T, G
## Pokomoonshine 2,162,*****(FT), ~180, JP, T, PG 1000 foot vertical cliff seen from the Northway by exit 33. Firetower put into good shape by volunteers. Now you can get a trail brochure at the trailhead. The Most Awesome view of Lake Champlain for such little effort. On a clear day you can see both Bridges across lake Champlain. Spelling on metric maps has it at Pokamoonshine, but the campground has it with an "O" and everyone around here also pronounces it with an "O"
Dannemora Mt. 2,140 no *'s, one,DS, B, X Great View of the Prison!
Bad Luck Mt. 2,136
Watch Hill 2,126 **, one, PC, T, G Good View of the Slide on Snowy. Hard to find the trailhead.
## Owls Head (Cascade Lakes) 2,120, ***, +oks, JP, P, G 2nd easiest mountain to climb. Great Views. Path very worn down, easy to follow.
## Meenahga Mt. 2,067(ft?)
Moosehead Mt.(Childwod) (Ft?) 2,067
Bald Peak (Port Henry) 2,051 ***, one, DS, P+B, R Good views towards the High Peaks
 ## Prospect Mt. 2,040s ***, ~180, JP, D, G

To many peaks unnamed to even attempted to get them all

I'm pretty confident that I have all the mountains above 2500', 2400-2999 I'm less so

I need your help to make this list complete. Do you have information on a Mountain that I don't? Or is there any information you feel needs updating? I created an easy to use form that you can report a mountain. Click Here

Pok-O-Moonshine Cliffs and Firetower

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